Neslihan Atagül talk’s about Children and Pregnancy

Neslihan Atagül, the previous day at Etiler was reflected in the lenses while entering her hairdresser. The famous actress, who seems to be quite pleasant, answered the questions of the press members. Partner Kadir Dogulu Counting the days to be in front of the camera, Atagül said, “The shooting will start soon, I won’t say anything about the subject now.”


Expressing that she loves children at every opportunity, the 29-year-old beauty said, “Child, are you longing for it?” She answered the question as follows:

These things are a matter of luck. We have the power, they are starting. I say ‘I want’ or ‘I don’t want’, frankly I don’t prefer to shape such things. I just let everything run its course for him. I am living this life.

Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül Kissing at Beach


When Atagül, who also stepped into production, was asked about the differences between acting and producing, she said, “It is very exciting for people to develop themselves in this sense, of course. We started to look at them from a completely different perspective. It was already predictable. But in this sense, we also develop ourselves and gain competence. “I think it’s fun for him to develop himself leads to strange discoveries.”


“What you want to do film On the questions of “Is there anyone you want to play your life with?” and “Is there anyone you want to play your life with?”, the famous actor said, “There are things we want to do, of course. Let’s hope they happen soon. When it comes to the subject of the movie, this is something that is directly proportional to the scenario and the team established. Someone’s life is written in such a way that it is magnificent, someone’s life is written in such a way that it does not excite me much. It’s all about the script for him. There’s someone whose life I want to play, Afife Jale there. She’s a great character, a character that paves the way for all of us. “I’m excited to play her life,” she said.

Neslihan Atagül


Atagül, who had to leave the TV series “Sefirin Kızı” due to leaky gut syndrome and regained her health after the treatment she received, said, “Have you discovered any of the features you have discovered during the time you spent at home during the pandemic? Are you close to directing?” The question was also posed. The young actress said, “I love taking pictures, I take pictures as an amateur. I am also interested, maybe one day, why not? I need to improve myself in that sense, I think that there is nothing you can do as a director. Because you have to look at everything from a very broad perspective and everything You need to be able to manage. That’s a long job,” she said.

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