Ötesiz İnsanlar – Beyond Humans (TV Series 2013-2015)

Ötesiz İnsanlar (English Title: Beyond Humans), the first episode of which was broadcast on Samanyolu TV on November 21, 2013, directed by Başak Soysal, starring Ergül Miray Şahin, Batuhan Aydar, Naşit Özcan, Canan Çiftel, Hüseyin Köroğlu, Yasemin Öztürk and Halil İbrahim Kalaycıoğlu. The series ended on June 15, 2015.

Original Title:Ötesiz insanlar
English Title:Beyond Humans
Broadcast Network:Milky Way TV
Director:Basak Soysal, Nursan Esenboga
Producer:Ömer Önder
Total Episodes:72

Ötesiz İnsanlar Synopsis

In 1996, a village girl in turkey, Elif Gürel dreams of becoming a doctor. His abusive father is marrying her off to a rich man. She meets an army officer, Deniz, who encourages her to realize her dream. Helped by her mother, she takes a big step but is soon caught in trouble. Her mother turns to an old secret to help her beloved daughter. A story of a strong girl, struggling her way to become a doctor while being true to her faith. A story about the prestigious piece of cloth called head-veil.

Cast of Ötesiz İnsanlar

Merve Çagiran

Merve Çagiran

Merve Çağıran (born 10 November 1992) in Balikesir, Turkey. Merve Cagiran is a popular mainstream celebrity who is best known as a TV Actress. She grew up and spent her childhood in Izmir. Merve Cagiran, later on, moved to the Istanbul Academy of Arts and received training at the Center.

In 2015, the TV actress Merve Cagiran partook in different projects with various series. She is an individual member of a famous TV Actress. Merve Cagiran made her acting debut in the 2010 television series Tek Türkiye. She stars alongside Hande Ercel in the 2016 television series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz.

Ergul Miray Sahin as Elif Gürel

Batuhan Aydar as Deniz Aydin

Nasit Özcan as Kudret Karay

Nazli Yanilmaz as Sanem karay

Yasemin Öztürk as Senay Aydin

Where to watch

Turkish Language


English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi | TurkishFam | Osnsub | Kinemania

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