Özge Yağız: I got the job in my first audition

Özge Yağız appeared before the lens for the April issue of MAG magazine.

Answering the questions asked about her, Yağız told how her acting adventure started:

“I got my first job at my first audition and went on set the next day. It was a fast, exciting, and passionate start. That’s how it continues. The hunger for learning is the biggest factor in improving yourself.

Özge Yağız MAG

Stating that she is trying to be positive, the actress said, when asked about the source of his energy, “I think it’s faith. I strongly believe in every emotion I feel, every thought that occurs in my head. I believe the right things eventually find us. That’s why I put my energy into making sure I’m doing my best, I’m just letting the rest flow.”

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