Serkan Cayoglu; ‘I was fascinated when I saw Özge in a wedding dress’

Serkan Çayoğlu, who entered the marriage by crowning his 7-year partnership with Özge Gürel with a wedding in Germany, was seen at Etiler Amaya Restaurant the previous day. Çayoğlu, who had dinner with his friend, answered the questions of the journalists after the venue. Talking about the wedding ceremony, Çayoğlu said, “We were thinking of a simpler ceremony, but when families stepped in, it was like a wedding. But our real wedding will take place in Italy. Italy has a special place for both of us.” said.

‘How did you feel when you saw Özge in a wedding dress for the first time?’ Serkan Çayoğlu gave a loving answer to the question, “People are fascinated when they see what they love like that. You have been dreaming for years and that day comes… But we were in a constant rush, and we were both reading scenarios. We couldn’t even sit down and talk about that beautiful moment. Now we have our wedding and work ahead of us. We had to postpone our honeymoon due to work.” said.

Expressing that he agreed with the new film project, Serkan Çayoğlu said, “Özge agreed with a film project, but we want it on television.” said.

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