Sifirinci Gun Episode 2 English Subtitles Release Date

Sifirinci Gun Episode 2 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, January 4th at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the TV8 series Sifirinci Gun episode 2 and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

TV8’s new series “Sifirinci Gun” locked the crowd on television with the episode circulated today. The first part was the subject of interest. The first-episode trailer of the new series has been released. The 2nd episode of the Sifirinci Gun series, which is enthusiastically anticipated by the series sweethearts, was broadcast on TV8 the previous evening.

Sifirnci Gun Episode 1 Recap

Chief Inspector Kadir and his team, known for his flexible view of the rules, finally find the trail of a notorious criminal, Ejder, whom they have been chasing for a long time. They get rid of Ejder with their operation, but they pay a bitter price for it. Two teammates, whom they know as brothers, are martyred in this operation. After tonight, nothing will ever be the same again.

Ozgur and Mert, the favorite cops on the team, take responsibility for the violations in this incident. While the duo is suspended from duty, their supervisor, Kadir, also retires. However, they never stop investigating the night and soon discover that everything that happened was a plot. Özgür and Mert leave their friends behind and their love unfinished to find the murderer of their friends. They embark on a harrowing journey that stretches from one end to the Balkans and the other to Miami.

This investigation they carry out brings Özgür and Mert to a meeting where the underground world comes together. However, this time the duo finds the newly appointed Chief Inspector Fatih, who has been appointed as the head of the team. The confrontation changes the fate of not only them but the whole team once again.

Sifirinci Gun Episode 2 Release Date

Sifirinci Gun (Zero Day) Turkish Drama Series Episode 2 starring Engin Öztürk, Berk Cankat, Yiğit Özşener, Aybüke Pusat, Damla Colbay, and Sarp Akkaya premieres on TV8 in Turkey on Wednesday, 4th January 2022, at 20:00.

Sifirinci Gun Episode 2 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Sifirinci Gun Episode 2 Summary

The battle for the survival of their beloved superior, Kadir, deeply affects the whole team. Despite all their pain, the team pursues the event. To this end, they do not hesitate to cooperate with the new chief of the team, Fatih. The team begins to investigate the incident in which Kadir was injured and all the smugglers were killed. When they realize that there is a smuggler named Dündar, who did not attend the meeting, they follow suit. The only obstacle in front of Ejder to rise from the ashes as a clean businessman is this smuggler who escaped from his hand at that meeting. A race begins between our cops and Ejder to catch this man. 

On the one hand, Salih, who is after Dündar, is left with what Kadir said. He begins to chase after the secret that Kadir has revealed to him. With what he learned, he finds himself in the lap of a much bigger dilemma.

Sifirinci Gun All Episodes Trailer and Summary

Sıfırıncı Gün Synopsis and Cast

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