Sipahi Episode 6 English Subtitles Release Date

Watch Sipahi Episode 6 has been published on our website in HD quality. The new episode of the Sipahi series, which will be watched with great excitement on Star TV screens, will be on January 16, Wednesday as of 20.00.

The breathtaking debut of the year’s highly anticipated production of the year, “Sipahi”, which will be screened on Show TV, produced by CNP Film, produced by Mehmet Canpolat and Sadi Canpolat, and starring Kaan Yıldırım, Özge Gürel, and Kerem Alışık.

The first images from the TV series about the operations carried out by Korkut Ali Türkoğlu ( Kaan Yıldırım ), one of the most talented agents trained by the National Intelligence Organization, and heroic intelligence officers received great acclaim. Sipahi, which tells the story of the MIT agents who prevented the threats against Turkey with great sacrifices, also drew attention with its magnificent production.

Sipahi 5 Episode Recap

The militants who stormed the Hartman Foundation’s ball injured Goran and Yıldırım, but their main goals were different. Will those who carry out terrorist attacks achieve their goals?

Deciding to flee to Turkey for the treatment of her daughter Dora, Jasmin asks Canan for help. Will Canan be able to bring them safely to Istanbul?

Investigating the attack at the Hartman Foundation, Canan wonders who Yıldırım was, who shot the militant in the forehead, and gets the name Yıldırım Tunalı from Narin. How an ordinary man shot a notorious militant in the middle of the forehead. Will Canan be able to solve this mystery?

A dangerous British female agent, Amy, whom a Russian arms smuggler meets, gives Ivan a card. The person on this card, who has the information of someone who needs to be eliminated urgently, is also of interest to Ali, but no one knows about it yet.

The Sipahi team makes a clever plan to get access to the QR-coded card that British agent Amy gave to Ivan. Will Ali be able to reach the information he wants in this dangerous operation?

Sipahi Episode 6 Release Date

Sipahi (The Soldier) Turkish Drama Series Episode 6 starring Kaan Yıldırım and Özge Gürel premieres on Show TV in Turkey on Monday, January 16, 2022, at 20:00.

Watch Sipahi Episode 6 Trailer

The last trailer of the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited, from this page, which we frequently update, and you can find the best tips on our website.

What will happen in Sipahi Episode 6 Summary?

Is the ship carrying the rocket on its way? How should the Habtor’s wife and daughter be rescued? Where is the abducted daughter of the Director of Marine Operations? Whose name is on the card in Ivan’s hand? The team has many questions to solve and tough adventures to go through. Goran is after the red apple… He gives the task of killing the engineers of the Turks’ drones and planting bombs on these vehicles to his evil pawn, Habtor.

Canan contacts Turkish intelligence to save Jasmin and Dora. It’s just a matter of time before Ali realizes who he is. The team brings Habtor’s wife and daughter to Turkey. The Habtor is now like a bomb with the pin pulled; moreover, this bomb has dangerous bombs in its hands. Fahrettin is also on the stage now. He has important duties, he is determined to take Ezgi with him. Ali managed to gain Habtor’s trust and become its strongest man.

Will he be able to save Merve from the treacherous plan? The rocket Goran has been looking forward to is on board, but which one? Goran is preparing to make a smarter attack than expected. And an exciting match awaits us in the final.

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