Sipahi Synopsis and Cast [The Soldiers]

Original Title:Sipahi
English Title:The Soldiers
Also Known As:The Sipahis
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Hakan Inan
Writer:Ali Dogancay
Filming Location:Gaziantep, Istanbul
Release Date:November 21, 2022 – present

Sipahi Synopsis

The Sipahi series, whose script was written by Ali Doğançay, is about the operations carried out by one of the most talented agents of the National Intelligence Organization, Korkut Ali Türkoğlu (Kaan Yıldırım) and heroic intelligence officers.

The ‘Manager’ structuring, supported by the dark forces of the West, has become a clear threat to Turkey. Bloody terrorist acts are taking place in Turkey that will create chaos and lead the people to fear and panic.

The Turkish economy is going through various tests, and the most vulnerable points of the country are subjected to cyber-attacks through Metaverse, the dark web, crypto communication systems, and internet systems.

This complex and complex enemy. It also actively uses a wide variety of groups within the country. The Sipahis of the National Intelligence Agency realize this danger and react quickly.

Ali (Kaan Yıldırım), who is constantly putting himself in danger, reveals that a big conspiracy is being planned against Turkey in his new position. Thereupon, former intelligence officer Yıldırım Bozok, who is known as a legend at MIT, returns to duty. However, with this comeback, Yıldırım’s past will follow him.

Knowing that protecting the homeland is not a profession but a matter of dignity, Ali and Yıldırım must protect Turkey’s future. They will have to pull the curtain in the shadow play played over Turkey by the ghosts.

Sipahi Cast

Kaan Yıldırım (Korkut Ali Türkoğlu)

Korkut Ali is an intelligent, successful and reckless intelligence worker trained by MIT. Intelligent and hardworking, Ali wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and started working in the National Intelligence Organization after successfully passing through difficult training. Thanks to his intelligence and attention, Korkut Ali manages to reach the phone information of a man he is watching in Austria, even if he is killed in front of his eyes. Influenced by the Anti-Terrorism Commissioner Canan, whom he met in this operation and whose identity he had to hide for security, Ali tries to balance his emotions and his difficult task. Korkut Ali must find and stop Habtor Bin Said and Goran Losic, who appeared on the phone and had a hand in the terrorist attacks. Yildirim, a former MIT employee who had fought with the Habtor in the past, came back and said,

Özge Gürel (Canan)

Born and raised in Antalya, the eldest daughter of the family. She has a younger sister. After her parents divorced, they moved to Istanbul. She is the second mother to her sister, always in control and care. Canan, who has a successful police history, has successfully completed all the operations she has been involved in. His greatest anger is injustice. Contrary to Ali, he is someone who believes in the success of the game and says that discipline is the beginning of everything. Since the priority for Canan is her profession and the security of her homeland, the people involved in her private life cannot stand it long. Canan also does not think about love until she meets Ali, but Ali changes her game. Although Canan tries to be in control while on duty, she often acts recklessly. In this aspect, she has a common feature with Ali.

Kerem Alışık (Yıldırım Zafer Bozok)

Yıldırım Bozok served in the National Intelligence Organization for many years and achieved great success. He thinks that Habtor was killed in the operation carried out after his wife was killed by Habtor Bin Said, and he retreats to his home in Sapanca. Yıldırım, who has a daughter named Ada, loses his ties with his daughter every day after that incident. While living away from everything in the peaceful world he has built for himself, this order changes when Ali arrives and says that Habtor is still alive. Learning that Habtor continues his treacherous plans on the homeland, Yıldırım returns to his duty. Yıldırım, who knows how to control himself very well, is torn between losing control and making the right decision when it comes to Habtor. Yıldırım, who buried the love of his wife, whom he could not forget for years, in his heart, remembers love again with Narin.

Sinan Tuzcu (Goran Losic) (Thomas Hartman)

He is the only son of a Serbian businessman and the sole heir to billions of dollars in assets. Seeing himself as a born chosen person because power and money are always with him, Goran is using the name Thomas Hartman in his worldwide business. As Hartman, his family established a large foundation, and Goran took over as Thomas. The most used tong is Habtor Bin Said. Goran is a very good manipulator in his goal of ruling the world. Thanks to his ruthless and cold-blooded nature, he easily decides to kill innocent people. After meeting Narin, one of the trainers of the Hartman Foundation, she realizes that she is not unrivaled in one thing. Narin is in love with Yıldırım. For Goran, who is an incurable enemy of the Turks, a war has started with a Turk in a different lane. While trying to get Narin from Yıldırım, she should be well wrapped in the mask on her face.

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu (Ezgi Sancakli)

Bosnian daughter Ezgi from Bosnia and Herzegovina lost her family in the Srebrenista massacre in the Bosnian War. He is brought to Turkey by the Turkish team, which includes Ali’s grandfather, Fahrettin, and is taken care of. Ezgi studied Psychology at one of Turkey’s leading universities. Ezgi, who loved Fahrettin like her own grandfather, followed his path and joined the National Intelligence Organization, just like Ali. There is no room for emotional weakness for Ezgi, who fights very well and has a strong character. The melody, which looks like it has iron nerves from the outside, gets emotional when left alone and seeks what’s left of its family.

Erkan Bektaş (Habtor Bin Said)

Arab-born, Iran-raised ruthless villain of the Middle East. After meeting Goran, he sets his sights on other horizons from the Middle East. A clever, ruthless man who does what he puts his mind to, Habtor is Goran’s strongest tongs. Goran uses Habtor and his men for all his bad deeds. Although Habtor is from the Middle East, he sees himself as a westerner and plans a new life with his wife after these actions. However, this uncanny man has an unclosed account with Yıldırım in the past. After Yildirim finds out that Habtor is alive, Habtor chases after him, and Habtor is cornered. The illness of his daughter Dora and the departure of his wife, Jasmin, also make Habtor mistakes. Goran, on the other hand, is a superior mind that does not accept mistakes. Habtor’s conflict with Goran causes him to be lonely and make mistakes.

Nurettin Sönmez (Kemal )

The Izmir-based leader of the National Intelligence Organization. Behind his burly body, he is very sensitive and emotional. He is a pessimist but always finds a solution. He is the strongest man on the team physically, but he is just as fragile. Kemal is most upset by the inability to have children with his wife, Meral. She and Meral will go to great lengths to adopt the orphaned baby of her colleague Ferhat, who was killed in a terrorist attack. In this process, she will start to experience difficulties between Meral and her profession.

Çağdaş Onur Öztürk (Yusuf)

He is one of the successful members of the National Intelligence Agency. Although he has a Black Sea accent, he hides his accent very well while on duty. The biggest fear of Yusuf, who is married and a good family man, is that his family will be harmed after his homeland. Yusuf, who loves his teammates and gives them his wings, turns bad situations in his favor with his intelligence peculiar to Black Sea people in dangerous missions. A very good observer and an extreme detailer, Yusuf will soon realize the troubles his children experience in adolescence and the danger that has infiltrated his family and will have to struggle with them.

Gözde Okur (Esra)

Joseph’s wife. While dealing with her teenage daughter and son, she is also trying to start her own business. A Black Sea woman who is very fond of her husband and children. Although She seems like a simple woman, she is very brave when she takes hold of her vein. She has to go through difficulties because of the wrong choices of her daughter and son.

Elit Andaç Çam (Meral)

Meral is Kemal’s wife, who is an emergency room doctor. She is a very successful doctor. Meral, who loves Kemal, who is the most important person in her life, and wants to have a child with him, wants to adopt Çınar, who has been left without parents. She also sees Çınar, the baby of Kemal’s murdered friend, as a trust. There will be obstacles that will prevent Çınar from being her mother, and Meral will struggle with all of them.

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