Söz − Promise (TV Series – 2017 – 2019)

Söz (English title: Promise) is a Turkish-made television series in the genre of action and drama written by Ethem Özıșık and directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın, whose first episode was aired on April 3, 2017. It ended by making a final on May 27, 2019.

Söz Synopsis

Terror disaster Lieutenant Yavuz Un experienced in changing .İstanbul the life of a major terrorist attack as a result of dozens of people lost their lives and Senior Lieutenant Yavuz Karasu’s life with great indignation to lead the country this tragedy will be dragged into a new stream.

Special Forces Team terrorist undertaking oluşturuluyor.saldırı a civilian citizens as a second action missed, Go Go time to save her decision a new team to be created in the Special Forces Command structure to complete the capture tackled head of the organization and rescue operations verilir.reh contracted by Tim Commander, Senior Lieutenant Yavuz Karasu takes action at the expense of throwing his own life in danger. Tim joins the roads with his homeland love and will be a brother, a motherland and a trench.

The leader of the terrorist organization is the intelligence of the exchange of missiles that Colak is going to make with an international arms dealer. Çolak is in great preparation for action. Yavuz under the leadership of the newly established special teams to combat başlar.dokt if it is faced with a spring to prevent the living conditions of villagers there. It will be a big surprise waiting for everybody as a result of the operation arranged in Yavuz command.

Colonel Erdem, who survived the falling helicopter, seeks a cave after the international arms dealer. A great surprise awaits them in the cave. The preparations for a wedding in the village begin. Yavuz, he has a suspicion that this wedding is not innocent. Will Yavuz be right in his doubts?

The massacre that is taking place in the world creates a shock in the whole of Turkey. The critical decision he made during the wedding causes Yavuz to fall into the womb. Images taken about the massacre are distorted and served to the media. The Turkish military remains in a difficult situation. The action, which goes to Çolak’s side with the imagination of an interview, does not know how you put your head in danger. Yavuz and his colleagues act quickly to give this criminal attack. Tim is about to squeeze Colak into the corner.

Yavuz and his team are pushing Çolak into the corner! Yavuz and his team, who squeezed Çolak into the corner, encounter an obstacle that they have not anticipated. The need to overcome obstacles, it is both an innocent child and the serious to the extent that could cost him his life keşanlı. Meanwhile, Action is in the hands of Çolak and it is about to witness one of Çolak’s blood-stopping plans. While this situation raises the life of Action well, Bahar faces a vital danger in the hospital.

This danger, while senior big plans for Colak also caused tension between Yavuz Spring is to conduct a meeting with the militants. Time for the news conference has two tasks: They do both at the same time to save and print the action plan for the meeting. But their work will not be easy at all. By the way, Fatma is unaware that she is about to lose her fundamentally when going to a lawyer to divorce Hafiz.

Yavuz, on the verge of a critical decision … Tim finally took over Çolak, but there is a big crisis in the middle. At the same time, six special force soldiers were detained by Colak’s men. Yavuz is on the brink of a critical decision. Either he will deliver Colak to the island, or he will free Colak to save his friends. There is a great psychological war between Colak and Yavuz.

On the other hand, Hafiz, who is in the hands of terrorists, is seriously wounded. For his life, Yavuz and Tim have to live a wounded terrorist. In this regard, Dr. Bahar helps Tim. Yavuz makes a bold decision to save Hafiz and keep Çolak in his possession. However, Çolak also has a sneaky plan that will actually create a huge irritation.

While Colak is looking for an escape to escape, Yavuz is on his way to the final speed. Besides, he is unaware that he is going to a big trap. Meanwhile, the capture of the Senior Lieutenant Yavuz and his team’s professor at Çolak’s house destroys Çolak’s plans, but Çolak has no intention of stepping back. Professor in need of biological weapons found in Istanbul.

This situation forces Yavuz and his team to come to Istanbul. Çolak prepares a great surprise for this david Yavuz, and the same duties are well mixed with the coming of Bahar. While approaching Bahar, he has to make a difficult and risky decision. At the same time, he is fed up to rescue both the civilians and his teammates’ lives in the chaotic operation.

Yavuz reveals his life to stop the bomb Colak made. Hafız is overwhelmed by standing in a hospital bed with his hand tied up. Çolak takes action in Karabayır to blow up a biological bomb that could have catastrophic results. The primary goal is to capture Aydan and the tubes. The spring between Yavuz and Yavuz is stretched well after the living. 

Hafız is overwhelmed by standing in a hospital bed with his hand tied up. Time wants to help. It comes to your opportunity. The relationship between the trigger and the action begins to be investigated. The triggerer has a great secret. Yavuz puts his life in order to stop the bomb made by Çolak and comes to death with his nose.


Tolga SaritasYavuz Karasu
Meric AralEylem Mercier
Nihat AltinkayaErdem Kacmaz
Görkem SevindikMücahit Serdengecti (Kesanli)
Aytaç SasmazFeyzullah Altiparmak (Caylak)

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Star Tv

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
ALAinHindi | Promix TV | Turkish123


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