Tatar Ramazan − Tatar Ramazan (TV Series 2013-2014)

Tatar Ramazan (English Title: Tatar Ramazan), actors Bülent İnal, Burak Yamantürk, Osman Soykut, Burcu Kara, Özge Özpirinçci and Umut Karadağ are featured in theseries broadcast on ATV. In the second season, Burcu Kara and Özge Özpirinçci were included in the main cast. But then Osman Soykut left the series. The series said goodbye to the screens with its 26th episode aired on January 26, 2014.

Original Title:Tatar Ramazan
English Title:Tatar Ramazan
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Cevdet Mercan
Writer:Ali Ercivan
Cinematography:Ilker Berke
Total Episodes:26

Tatar Ramazan Synopsis

Ramazan (Bulent Inal) is a young and handsome man who lives for his honor and fights for justice. He ends up in jail when he kills the Mayor for his injustice. He is exiled to another city and for this reason, he has no choice but to leave his only love Sureyya (Turkan Yilmaz).

Ramazan becomes very popular among condemned people. His fame spreads all over the country. Since he protects the rights of poor and downtrodden prisoners, he is considered as a legend. He tries to do his best to change the corrupted order in the prisons. However, he finds it really difficult because the prison administration is also on the corrupted side.

n this story, you will explore the life of a man who seeks justice and you see his rebellion against injustice and tyranny. Will Ramazan manage to protect poor prisoners? What will happen to Sureyya while Ramazan is behind bars?


şebnem Hassanisoughi

Sebnem Hassanisoughi as Güzide

Şebnem Hassanisoughi (born December 7, 1985) was born in Istanbul, Turkish cinema, a TV serial actor. His father is Iranian Azerbaijani.

She studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory, Department of Performing Arts, Theater Department, and Kadir Have University Film and Drama Master’s Program. Sebnem Hassanisoughi’s father comes from Iran and her mother is a Turk. Her father is a lawyer and her mother works at the notary.

Bülent Inal

Bülent Inal as Tatar Ramazan

Bülent Inal (born 19 May 1973) is a Turkish actor. Bulent was born in Samliurfa, Turkey. His full name is Mehmet Bulent Inal. His father was a postal worker and his mother a midwife.

He lived in Sanliurfa until he was seven years old and then the family moved to Istanbul. After he finished secondary school his father sadly passed away and he moved to Izmirwith his mum. They settled in the district of Bornova, Izmir and Bulent attended the acting department of Bornova Municipality with a friend.

Erol Gedik as Dr. Arif

Görkem Türkes as Sisci Hamdi

Turkan Yilmaz as Sureyya

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