TikTok phenomenon Melikhan Sağlam changed his gender! Shocked by latest Images

Melikhan Sağlam, who became famous by shooting parody videos of famous characters such as Müge Anlı, Hürrem, and Ferhunde, had a sex reassignment surgery.

The change of the social media phenomenon, which changed its name to Melis, became the agenda in the social media. The long blonde hair of the phenomenon attracted attention.

Melikhan Saglam 2 - Turkish World

Melikhan Sağlam “As you have guessed for a long time, I was in the process of gender reassignment and finally I completed this process.

Since my childhood, I felt that I was different and did not belong to the body I was in, and I knew that by completing this process, I paid my debt to Melikhan, who looked in the mirror and imagined himself differently years ago.”

Melikhan Saglam 3 - Turkish World

Messages of support rained down on the gender-switching phenomenon. Damla Subaşı wrote “Welcome, my dear Melis” to the famous phenomenon.

Melikhan Saglam - Turkish World

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