Tozkoparan İskender − Tozkoparan Alexander (TV Series 2021)

Tozkoparan Iskender (English Title: Tozkoparan Alexander) is a Turkish television series in the genre of adventure, history, comedy, and fantasy, produced by Fotoroman Film Production, which started broadcasting on TRT 1 on January 2, 2021. The shooting Directories Istanbul’s Beykoz and Maltepe are carried out in the district.

Tozkoparan İskender Synopsis

In the series, which is the sequel of Tozkoparan, Salih and Fikri Kuzguns, who travel in time, realize that Tozkoparan Alexander prevented him from entering the archers’ lodge and that the Tozkoparan did not exist because İskender did not leave his village. In order to allow Alexander to enter the archer’s lodge, they go further and meet Alexander’s child form, and after a while, they persuade him to enter the archer’s lodge. While the boy Iskender becomes the favorite of the lodge, there is one person who does not like him: Cihangir. Cihangir is a Venetian spy whose real name is Giovanni, and his aim is to be the best in the tekke, to be left-handed, and to kill the sultan.

Alexander completes his education in a short time and sets out to be left-handed, accompanied by Salih and Fikri. Meanwhile, Giovanni ambushed their way with his men. Salih, Fikri, and İskender survive the conflict, but they are unaware of Giovanni because he did not enter into the conflict. They take a break as they continue on their way. Here, İskender tells Fikri that he is always curious about the machine he carries with him. Thereupon, Fikri opens the machine and shows it to him, says that the machine is what brought them to this time, and also places the stone, which is the main thing that makes the machine work.

While he was showing them, Giovanni, who took the opportunity to stop them, shoots an arrow at Alexander, but Alexander is saved by bending down to look at the machine. Noticing the arrow, Salih, Fikri, and İskender hide behind trees like Giovanni. After Giovanni and Salih talk from afar, Alexander sets out to retrieve the machine. Giovanni shoots an arrow again, but this time he cannot kill Alexander, thanks to Fikri’s holding him and rolling him to the ground. However, Giovanni’s arrow hit the machine and started the machine. As a result, Fikri, Salih, İskender, and Giovanni come to the future.

While these events took place in the past, the Dede Korkut School was destroyed, and as a result, the students were transferred to different places. Sinan, Arda, Elif, and Asya started to go to “Private Taygu College” on scholarship. As soon as the quartet comes to school, they meet Tayfun, Duygu, Ece, and Ayberk, members of the “Hurricane Team”, who ask archery teacher Savaş Hoca to erase their names. Tayfun and Duygu are the beloved grandchildren of Rafet Pala, the owner of the school, and they manage the school in a way, taking advantage of both this and the purity of their grandfather. A battle for supremacy soon begins between the Blue Moon and Hurricane teams.

While Iskender tries to adapt to this time he has come, he will also try to stay away from Giovanni and go back to his time. Blue Moon will be the biggest helper on this path.


Çagan Efe AkIskender
Gökhan AtalaySalih
Deniz ErayvazArda
Mert ErdogduAyberk
Defne ErsenEce

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