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Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 17 is a drama Turkish television series signed by Process Film, directed by Eda Teksöz, written by Erkan Birgören and Betül Yağsagan, and will start broadcasting on Kanal D on February 22, 2022. The series is adapted from İclal Aydın’s novel of the same name.

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What will happen in Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 17 English Subtitles?

The fact that Mine gives birth to Somer’s baby affects the love life of Somer and Türkan, who are in full swing. Mine’s plan is to regain Somer’s heart and her life with her baby. Mine uses Nihat’s presence to provoke Somer to get Somer. When Nihat tries to harm Mine for the sake of the baby, Somer has to adopt Mine and her baby.

The truth about Somer and Mine, which Nesrin learned from Mine, destroys Nesrin. When Nesrin begins to mentally journey through the traumas she experienced in her past, the whole family mobilizes around Nesrin.

Derya, as she learned from Fatih, thinks that Fatih is her own father, while on the other hand, she is on the verge of starting a new life. Serdar and Derya earned the department they wanted at the university. This dream of learning cannot be accompanied by a single Return.

Özer has to face the son he once abandoned. Özer’s son, Mustafa Korman, comes to Ayvalık.

Will Somer take care of Mine and her baby? Will Nesrin’s trauma cause Return to learn the truth about her mother? Will Mustafa be able to get what he demands from his father Özer?

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Uc Kiz Kardes Last Episode Summary

Nesrin and Sadık, who are in danger of losing their homes, are devastated once again. Angered by his mother’s cruelty to this evil, Somer takes a side with the Kalender family. This situation brings mother and son face to face once again. Sadık, who has a very proud attitude on this issue, tries to not overshadow the happiness of Türkan and Somer.

Türkan and Somer are side by side despite everything. Somer gave up on her mother and chose to be with Türkan. At the same time, he does his best to ensure that the Loyalists do not lose their homes.

Priority takes action to prevent Mine from complaining. Mine is now Nihat’s prisoner. When he is sure that Somer is on a happy path with Türkan, he goes crazy.

Rüçhan, who thinks that he has lost Somer now, does not sit idle and starts to press Türkan. He also brings Mine to fill this subject.

Nesrin will not allow Rüçhan to upset her daughter anymore. Two mothers come face to face and Nesrin experiences great destruction.

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