Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitles Release Date

The 30th Episode of Uc Kiz Kardes has been released. Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle release date will be on Tue, December 13th at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the Kanal D TV series uc kiz kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

The summary of the new episode of Üç Kiz Kardes, which tells the ties of family and fraternity and won the audience’s appreciation with its sincere and warm family story, is as follows:

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 29 Recap

After Türkan and Somer send Mine to jail, they begin to heal each other’s wounds. Now they are even more hopeful for their future. However, Türkan learns about the possibility of not being a mother again and is devastated. While she is taking care of her husband’s baby, on the one hand, she is preparing to start working life on the other hand…

The identity of Türkan’s partner will put Rüçhan and Özer Korman on an irreversible path. On the other hand, Mine, who cannot digest being defeated by Türkan, causes a new crisis between Somer and Türkan.

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle Release Date & Time

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle release date will be on Tuesday, December 13th at 21:00.

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 Trailer

What will happen in Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 Summary?

The summary of the new episode of the series is as follows; Somer accepts Mine’s request to meet in order not to jeopardize Kiraz’s custody. Mine promises Somer that she will relinquish custody of the child in exchange for the complaint being withdrawn. Somer is forced to hide this agreement from Türkan. Nesrin goes to İzmir with her daughters to protect Dönen from Fatih. She is determined to divorce Sadık. Their departure to Izmir causes Dönen and Serdar to confront and reveal the truth. Derya, on the other hand, confronts Özgür Hodja.

Turkan, who is unaware of the custody agreement between Mine and Somer, continues to pressure Somer not to take back the complaint. This situation; He brings Türkan and Rüçhan face to face.

On the other hand, Derya and Return make a deal with their aunt Nezahat to reconcile their parents.

Rüçhan confronts Sevilay on the pretext that Türkan and Sevilay will work together. Sevilay is confronted by Rüçhan’s repressive attitude towards business, not yet knowing that he knows the truth. There are difficult times for Özer and Sevilay. Mustafa, on the other hand, tries to improve his friendship with Derya.

Türkan learns about Somer’s deal with Mine. There is great tension between them. Another game of Mine disappoints Somer. Somer is determined not to leave Kiraz to Mine. This time, however, Türkan intervenes to protect Somer. This would be the beginning of a new crisis between Somer and Türkan.

Where to watch Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle online

Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 30 English Subtitle is accessible on Kanal D TV which is a Turkish TV channel. If you want to watch this episode in English Subtitles then there are various sites that translate episodes into English Subs you can search on google. You can watch this series on asklaftananlamazinhindi.com

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