Urfalıyam Ezelden − From Time Immemorial To Urfali (TV Series 2014)

Urfalıyam Ezelden (English Title: From Time Immemorial To Urfali) is a Turkish drama featuring Bülent Inal as Cemal Bozoglu & Öykü Gürman as Ceylan.

Urfalıyam Ezelden Synopsis

Mehmet Bozoglu other ‘Yanik Memed’; along with his five sons are the leaders of the Urfa nights. A family who organizes “Row Nights” in Sanliurfa escapes from the blood case and comes to Istanbul.


Bülent InalCemal Bozoglu
Öykü GürmanCeylan
Dolunay SoysertSelva Bozoglu
Settar TanriögenMehmet Bozoglu
Menderes SamancilarDuren Aga

Turkish Language
Kanal D

English Subtitles

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