Veda Mektubu Episode 6 Release Date? What will happen in Veda Mektubu new episode?

Veda Mektubu Episode 6 English Subtitle release date will be on Wednesday, April 3rd at 21:00. This article contains spoilers for the KanalD‘s television series Veda Mektubu episode 6 English subtitle and coordinates the movement date and where to watch on the web.

Veda Mektubu Episode 6 Summary

Veda Mektubu Episode 5 Summary

When Alanur kisses Ziya, Ziya finds himself in a war with the feelings that he had to cover up years ago because of a farewell letter. The fact that Aslı also witnessed this event affects her deeply and she cannot share it with anyone. Besides, adapting to the traditional Karlı family is more difficult than he expected. Seher, on the other hand, hardens her attitude towards Aslı. Seher’s slap to Aslı creates a bombshell effect. 

It also creates a big crisis between Mehmet and his mother. While Mehmet was with his wife, Mina asked for help from Aslı after the incident she was involved in. When Alanur learns about this situation, he gives a trump card to use against Seher, and the news of the incident will confuse the Karlı family again.

Veda Mektubu Episode 4 Summary

Minutes before the wedding, Hatice’s move pits Aslı and Mehmet against each other in their happiest days. As if this weren’t enough, Seher also implements the plans she set up to break Aslı away from Mehmet. Alanur makes an organization that will leave the Karlı family in a difficult situation as soon as the waters stop on her side.

Bringing the family together with the community, Alanur’s aim is to take revenge on everyone by using her old love Ziya. However, this move of Alanur does not develop as he had calculated. He puts Aslı and Mehmet in a very difficult situation, especially himself.

Veda Mektubu Episode 3 Summary

When Mehmet takes the hand of Aslı, who left her home and leaves a letter behind, and brings it, a bomb falls on Ziya’s house. Alanur, on the other hand, has no intention of giving up. To get her daughter back, Karlı leans on her family’s door, but she gets an unexpected reaction from Aslı. While Mehmet and Aslı, who protect their love, start preparations for their wedding, which will be held between the family, Ziya goes to his gallery to invite Alanur to the ceremony. Although the purpose of the meeting is official, the two feel once again that the fire between them does not go out even after years.

While Asli has her first serious disagreement with Seher during her wedding dress selection, Hatice plays her last trump card to prevent this marriage. While no one doubts that Seher accepts Asli so quickly, every move of Seher is planned and calculated. This time, Aslı is unwittingly involved in Seher’s plan to get rid of Alanur.

Veda Mektubu Episode 2 Summary

Alanur said, “Keep your son away from my daughter. I don’t have a daughter to give you.” Ziya Karlı, whom he scolded, “We certainly do not have such an intention. Also, Mehmet is engaged and getting married soon.” gets the answer. Aslı’s head and heart are mixed because of the marriage proposal she received when she least expected it.

The tension increases even more when Mehmet takes Aslı back to his home. Mehmet tells Alanur that he wants to marry his daughter and that they will soon come to ask for him with his family. Having an outburst of anger, Alanur confronts Ziya years later by trampling on her pride to prevent this marriage. Aslı, on the other hand, is shocked to learn about her mother’s mysterious past, which she hid from everyone. While Hatice is looking for ways to win back Mehmet, who has slipped away from them, Aslı is on the verge of making a very important decision.

Veda Mektubu Episode 1 Summary

Alanur (Nurgül Yeşilçay) chooses her love, not her career, in the craziest and most uncalculated age of her youth. She stands behind her love, even if it means putting her family against her father. Ziya (Selim Bayraktar) leaves her unexpectedly and turns Alanur’s heart into ice. By burying her heart and dreams in her past, Alanur consents to the marriage her father wanted. This marriage gives Alanur two daughters. Alanur, who cannot find her crazy youth in her first daughter Beste, places all her hopes on her second daughter Aslı (Rabia Soytürk). Aslı will make the choices she could not make in her time, and Aslı will go where Alanur could not go in her career. It is a great source of pride for Alanur that Aslı was accepted to one of the most important universities in France. Thanks to Alanur Aslı, she will make her life clean. Ziya, who unexpectedly left Alanur, married Seher (Bennu Yıldırımlar), who had been in love with him since she was a young girl. According to Seher, she is the right person for Ziya, not Alanur, who grew up in a completely different culture. Although Seher manages to marry Ziya, she can never conquer her heart. Therefore, she is a heartbroken woman. Mehmet is the one who will clean up Seher’s life. That’s why he even chooses his bride himself.

Hatice, the daughter of Nevzat, whom she knows like her sister, is a bride exactly as she wanted. If Mehmet loves Hatice, it is as if he will be accepted in his marriage. All her preoccupation is planning this wedding. Mehmet does not believe in love, with the consciousness that Seher gradually develops over time. Life confirms what we believe. The girls who enter Mehmet’s life also cause disappointments in a way that kills Mehmet’s belief in love. Can’t believe in love, marriage is a decision to be taken with reason, not with the heart. Asli is a girl full of life. Unlike her older sister, she is unmanageable, rebellious, and wants to establish her own life. That’s why she reminds Alanur of her youth. Although she is chasing her dream of France in order not to deal with Alanur, she actually does not want to go. In fact, she is the lion in her heart, she is not to study law in France, but to be a dancer. In an accident, Mehmet and Aslı’s paths cross. What the duo doesn’t know yet is life’s plan for them; The story of Mehmet and Aslı did not begin with them.

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Veda Mektubu Plot, Story, Synopsis

Alanur, a modern and strong businesswoman, and Ziya, a businessman from Antakya, who is close to her traditions, had a great love in the past. Because their families were against this love, they unintentionally separated and started other lives.

Mehmet, the pupil of his mother Seher. She is the eldest son of Ziya, and he plans to quit his job in the future.

Dance enthusiast, full of life Asli; Alanur’s 19-year-old little girl, is in her last year of French high school, and carefully plans every move of her future. Years later, Alanur and Ziya’s paths cross once again with the love of Aslı and Mehmet.

Whatever is left unfinished, this time creates an obstacle to Aslı and Mehmet’s love. While Alanur tries to keep her away from Mehmet in order to keep her daughter safe by learning from her own experiences, will Seher take the pain of the jealousy she has kept inside her for years from Aslı? Will Ziya be a spectator to this situation, even if he feels sorry for his son who is living his own destiny? Will Aslı and Mehmet be able to challenge everyone and overcome all obstacles and heal the wounds of the past with the power of their love? Or will they also share the fate of Ziya and Alanur years ago?

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