Volkan and Zeynep Toxic Full Love Story Drama Name

Volkan and Zeynep the characters are both from the drama name Adi Sevgi. Volkan Baykara is played by Mert Doğan and Zeynep Aydan by Asya Kasap.

Volkan is the only son of the Baykara family in the last generation, he is a young man who is constantly praised and pampered by his mother, who is constantly reproached by his father, and who is mentally disabled due to the great secret of his past. As we said he doesn’t care, this man has almost completely lost his balance while being impressed by Zeynep’s innocence and making her obsessed with him. He irrationally believes that Zeynep will reciprocate his feelings. When it comes to Zeynep, she is willing to spend everyone, even her own life.

Zeynep is the most successful student in the school, with a beautiful heart and a difficult destiny… While she is a young girl with a shining innocence and a favorite student who can achieve a lot, she becomes the target of the obsessive love of Volkan Baykara, the son of the strong family of the region, Baykaralar. Zeynep’s only wish is to go to medical school and become a doctor. However, Zeynep’s dreams are seen by the Baykara family as a rebellion that will shake all their power. The one who comes to the rescue of this girl who has lost all hope for life is her new teacher, Elif.

Volkan and Zeynep Toxic and Forced Full Love Story

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