When will Duy Beni End? Has the final date announced? Will it continue?

The results of the first two episodes of Duy Beni were evaluated by the channel and the producer. Although Duy Beni got very bad ratings in the first episode, it had an increase of almost 100% in the second episode. This development made the producer and the channel very happy as well as the players.

With a scene in the 2nd episode of the “Duy Beni” series, there was a lot of talk on social media. In the series, Ekim being stripped naked by her schoolmates was highly criticized by the audience and the critics. However, it is also seen how much this scene affected the ratings. There were also serious differences in the social media views of the 1st and 2nd episodes of the “Duy Beni” series.

Duy Beni Melisa

When is Duy Beni Finale?

When is the final of Duy Beni? Let’s answer the question. A contract was signed between Duy Beni producer Sürefilm and Star TV officials until September, which meant an 8-episode broadcast adventure for the Duy Beni series, but if Duy Beni continues to receive such bad ratings, then Star TV unilaterally terminates the contract and ends Duy Beni in the 5th episode and does not wait for the 8th episode, because Star TV sometimes gets higher ratings even in the advertisements it receives and broadcasts. Let go of 1,000,000 TL per episode and broadcast new episodes. The Duy Beni series was expected to make a final in the 20th episode, but with a new development, the final of the series will be decided according to the number of views of the 21st episode. According to estimates, Duy Beni Series will bid farewell to the screens with its 22nd episode.

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