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Yalniz Kurt Episode 9 Turkish Drama Series starring Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay releases on 25th March 2022 at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

Yalniz Kurt is a Turkish -made action and drama television series signed by Sinegraf, the first episode of which was broadcast on 28 January 2022, starring Hasan Denizyaran, Cihan Ünal, and Damla Colbay.

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What will happen in Yalniz Kurt Episode 9 English Subtitles?

Altay abducted Nazar from prison as per his plan but was shot by Nizam. Nizam’s injury to Altay makes Mira very angry. Mira’s extra interest in someone who should be killed in order not to leave a trace under normal circumstances surprises Nizam and begins to suspect that Mira has a weakness for Altay.

Nazar, who escaped from prison, learns about his new mission from Mira. It will destroy the Lightning Project. Nazar needs to see the project with his own eyes in order to fulfill his mission. He also wants to do this with his own men. Nizam, who thinks that he will be ineffective in the operation, is upset about this.

After the death of Sezai Pasha, Gündüz receives a mysterious letter. Gunduz, who receives the letter, gets excited.

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Doğan goes to Mira’s house to inquire about finding a bug on his phone. A surprise awaits Doğan at Mira’s house. Sare, on the other hand, is worried that it will be understood that she is the person who put a bug on Doğan’s phone. He goes away for a while on the pretext of going to Ela.

It will not be easy for Viking, who was dismissed by Ahmet for a while, to explain this to the Orphan Wolves. Nizam has found a way to get Nazar into the factory. Ulvi and Akın will step in and take care of this.

Altay goes to the cabin but cannot find the commander. The remote is not in the middle. He left a letter. While thinking that he is alone in the Altai struggle, an unexpected guest sent by Davut Bahadır comes to the cabin.

Will Nazar, who has infiltrated the factory, be able to reach the Lightning Project inside? What is written in the mysterious letter to Gündüz? Will Sare, who goes to Ela’s side, be able to get over her suspicions? What route will the sacked Viking follow? Where is your remote? Who is the unexpected guest visiting Altay?

Yalniz Kurt Last Episode Summary

Altay was thrown into the death pit, where the prisoner he was imprisoned could not get out alive as a punishment. Seeing that Altay was thrown into the death pit, Mira gets very worried. Nizam, on the other hand, is pleased with this situation. An opportunity has arisen for him and his plans are ready to save Nazar. A tough fight awaits Altay in prison!

Doğan has trouble making a deal with the Russian diplomat and activates Plan B to corner him. With the intelligence he got from Orphan Wolves, Viking follows the Russian diplomat and gets information from Nizam to reach him. There are people who watch and record this secret meeting of Viking and Nizam.

Viking, who captured the Russian diplomat with a successful operation, leaves Doğan, who hopes to make big money with this move, empty-handed. When Doğan misses the prisoner he kept in a safe place, he is sure that there is a mole inside.

Gündüz is waiting for titanium cables to continue the project. Ulvi, on the other hand, has to procure titanium cables to make sure she finds the location of the Lightning Project. But this is not as easy as he thinks.

Will Altay be able to escape the death pit? What path will Nazar follow when Altay is in the pit? How will Altay’s operation to save Nazar continue? At what stage will the order come into play? How will Sare answer Viking for having killed Levent? Who is the eye that watches Viking and Nizam? Will Ulvi Pasha find the location of the Lightning Project with his move over titanium cables?

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