Yasak Elma − Forbidden Apple (TV Series 2018-)


Yasak Elma (English: Forbidden Apple) is a Turkish drama series starring Talat Bulut and Eda Ece. The show was premiered on 19 March 2018 on Fox.

Original Title: Yasak Elma
English Title: Forbidden Apple
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast Network: Fox
Director: Neslihan Yesilyurt
Producer: Fatih Aksoy, Arzu Egmir

Yasak Elma Synopsis

The truth emerges when Zeynep feels something strange about Kemal. The person he knows as Kemal is actually Burak, a supernatural power of transformation. This new child they are comparing causes a great confusion within the family. Mehmet ‘wants Burak to leave the house. Everyone is actually a single question, who is this child and what is the main goal?

Everyone in the house is uncomfortable with the presence of this new child, there is a whole new meaning for love. Burak is from the place where the daughter of Sevgi is Derya. There is another issue to be considered. Burak is sent by the bad guy Kuzgun and is under his influence .. Burak who takes the shape of every person he touches will be a new member of the family, will it?

Continuation of shootings in Istanbul; Zeynep (Sevda Erginci) and Yıldız (Eda Ece) are two brothers who are very fond of each other but whose dreams are completely different from each other.

It changes when Yildiz meets Ender Argun (Şevval Sam), the queen of the life societies. He decided to use Ender to get rid of her husband Halit Argun (Talat Bulut) and presented his life to Yıldız.

In the life of Yildiz, the company that Zeynep works with is bought by Alihan Taşdemir (Onur Tuna). Alihan is a very arrogant, witty, rich businessman. The contrasts of Zeynep and Alihan soon turn into an interaction. What Zeynep does not know is that Alihan is the partner of Halit and the brother of the second wife. Yildiz’s decision will affect not only herself but also Zeynep.


Talat Bulut as Halit Argun
Eda Ece Eda Ece as Yildiz Yilmaz
Sevval Sam as Ender Argun
Sevda Erginci as Zeynep Yilmaz
Onur Tuna as Alihan Tasdemir
Baris Aytac as Caner Çelebi
Safak Pekdemir as Zehra Argun
Irem Kahyaoglu as Sengül Dogan
Tugçe Koçak as Lal Uzun
Nilgün Türksever as Zerrin Tasdemir

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Fox | Youtube

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in english subtitles. Below are the links of the site.

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