Yeşil Deniz − Green Sea (TV Series – 2014 – 2016)

Yeşil Deniz (English title: Green Sea) produced Ayfer Ozgurel – TFT Construction’s assumed the screenplay Ali Kara, Idris was M and Serkan Union ‘ in which he wrote, directed Yahya Samancı ‘s realized TRT 1 ‘is native sequence published.

In the lead roles of the series; Burak Serdar Şanal , Mert Turak , Ali Barkın , Burak Alkaş , İlker Aksum , Emin Gürsoy , Nuri Gökaşan , Jale Aylanç , Zeynep Gülmez , Renan Bilek , Yener Gürsoy , Eren Can Vurucu , Nalan Okçuoğlu, Özgür Uslu, Merve Akkaya, Şive Şenözen, There are names such as Öykü Çelik, Melis Babadağ, Elvan Gear, Semiha Bezek and Güneş Sayın. Sümer Tilmaç and Salih Kalyon participated in the series as guest actors.

In the second season, İlker Aksum (with the role of Almancı Üsen) and Güneş Sayın (with the role of Sibel, the brother of Almancı Üsen) participated in the series. Öykü Çelik and Melis Babadağ, who played in the first season, left the series.

The series, which aired 75 episodes on TRT screens, made the final decision after the talks with the channel.  Series Izmir’s demise township Birgu ‘ were shot.

Since the Green Sea series did not make a Final, many issues still remained with question marks. The fan base of the Green Sea series started a petition to start the series again.

Yeşil Deniz Synopsis

The subject of the Green Sea series takes place in the town of Yeşilova, a green and warm Aegean town in the nineties. The 4 friends of the series are Radio Player İsmail (Burak Serdar Şanal), Maggayvır Süleyman (Mert Turak), Hurdacı Emin (Ali Barkın) and Müezzin Cemil (Burak Alkaş), who live in the town. 

These four friends who have been friends (Sadıç) since childhood are poor people. İsmail works as a DJ on Ova FM, a local radio channel. It offers a program called “Request Line with İsmail” on the radio. At the same time, Sedef (Öykü Çelik), the daughter of Hijabi Scissors, one of the well-known people of the town .wants. However, Hijabi asks his daughter to bring a lot of gold from him as a bride price, and then Ismail starts looking for treasure with his friends. However, the Mayor’s daughter Zümrüt (Melis Babadağ)He became a teacher and returned to the town where his father was the mayor. 

In time, a close relationship with the Radio Player İsmail begins, Sedef becomes jealous of this relationship and gets engaged to the slightly naive son of one of the town’s rich people who wanted him, and Ismail opposes this situation, but in the meantime, an unnamed love begins between Teacher Zümrüt. Radio broadcaster Ismail is now torn between two girls and manages them both.

These 4 friends have different dreams and their only goal is to find the treasure and become rich. Witches will find themselves in various adventures while searching for treasures. In the following chapters, Ismail is shown the place of gold in his dream. Ismail goes and finds the treasure and shares it with the sailors. The punks are rich now, but they don’t know how to exchange gold. With the help of the uncle under the tree, they exchange the gold for the man under the watch. Then they set up a mobile kokorec car and start selling kokorec to write a story of getting rich. Suddenly the richest people in the town, the gadgets buy the Ova FM, the only radio in the town, the white goods shop, and the restaurant in the district. They have their sculptures erected in the town square. But the Albanian Gostak ÜsenEverything changes suddenly when (İlker Aksum) returns to town with his brother and son.


Mert TurakMaggayvir Suleman
Ali BarkinBerke Acar
Elvan DisliEmine
Ceyhun TutalSabahattin
Berke AcarErsin

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