Yuvamdaki Dusman − The Enemy In My House (TV Series 2018)

Yuvamdaki Dusman (English Title: The Enemy In My House) is a Turkish drama featuring Nebahat Çehre as Olcay Çifthanli & Asli Tandogan as Yasemin Çifthanli.

Yuvamdaki Dusman Synopsis

It tells the story of applying a secret plan in a wealthy, happy, new baby-possessed family, who has been piquant since childhood, dreamed of, and enjoys everything for the sake of her life.


Nebahat ÇehreOlcay Çifthanli
Asli TandoganYasemin Çifthanli
Pamir PekinMurat Çifthanli
Ece ÇesmiogluCeren Isik
Pelin ÖztekinNil Çifthanli

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