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Zerrin Tekindor

Zerrin Tekindor (born 5 August 1964) is a Turkish actress and painter. In 1985 she graduated from the Hacettepe University State Conservatory, School of Theater. In that year, she began to work at the Adana State Theatre as an intern. After two years she was charged with a duty in Ankara at the State Theatre and performed in numerous plays such as: Laundry, Ferhad and Sirin, A Noisy and Clamorous Story, Death, Istanbul Efendisi, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Skylight, From War to Peace, From Love to Quarrel, Love Kills, The Government Inspector, A Place in the Middle of the Earth. In 2003 she moved to Istanbul to work at the Istanbul State Theatre. In 2004 she performed in The Government Inspector (N. V. Gogol) as Anna Andreyevna. She won an Afife Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress in Comedy.

Besides her theatre career, Zerrin Tekindor also studied painting as a special student at the Bilkent University School of Fine Arts between 1990-1994 in the Halil Akdeniz Workshop. The heroes of many plays are settled on her canvas as Tekindor’s figures by using mixed technique. With their costumes, actions, lines, and even with their appearances under the stage light, they become paintings, being filtered through Tekindor’s interpretation who is also part of that particular action on the stage.

Zerrin Tekindor has a son with actor Çetin Tekindor. At present, Zerrin Tekindor continues her career as an actress and a painter in Istanbul. Since 1992, she has held nineteen personal exhibitions.

Profile Name: Zerrin Tekindor
Height: 5′ 6″
Born: 5 August 1964
Birth Place: Burhaniye, Turkey
Currently Dating:  Haluk Bilginer
Instagram Profile:  https://www.instagram.com/zerrintekindor/

Zerrin was born in Burhaniye. Her father died when Zerrin was seven years old. She lived
with her Mum and her sister Zerin who is now a successful dietician. She completed her
primary and secondary education in Ankara. She graduated from Hacettepe University
Theatre Department in 1985. She then started to work as an intern at the Ankara State.

Theatre. She has done lots of theatre work. In 2003 she moved to Istanbul State Theatre
and won several awards for her acting roles on the stage.

Between 1990 and 1994 she attended Bilkent University where she graduated from the Art
Dept. She loves painting and has a large collection of private pictures. She has held over 16
exhibitions. Her paintings have mainly women as subjects and she says that she likes to
show the most powerful women, the most successful and the creative. The things she
must have while painting is, space and all her materials. nothing missing. She says that
she doesn’t choose between her acting and her painting they are both equally important.

Her screen roles were the lm Omer Atay where she acted alongside her husband, she has
done several more lms and also TV series. Her dizi career is very impressive and she has
worked on some very good shows including, Bir Istanbul Masali, Ask-I Memnu, Kuzey
Guney, Kurt Seyit ve Sura, and most recently the International Emmy winning series Kara
Sevda. Zerrin has just announced that she will start in Sahin Tepesi which is based on the
US TV series Falcon Crest. The series produced by Ay Yapim and directed by Hilal Saral will
premier in November 2018. It has a good cast including Murat Aygen, Aybuke Pusat and
Boran Kuzum. It is anticipated to do very well.

In 1987 Zerin married actor Cetin Tekindor, they divorced and then remarried, and then
separated again. They have one son together, Hira. He too is starting to be in the acting
scene and he really does look like a mix of his Mum and Dad. She said of her ex-husband.

Cetin that he is a very positive person, they have a relationship for 17 years and they both
dote on their son. Zerrin was then in a relationship with the very talented actor Haluk
Bilginer, but they separated in 2017.

Zerrin is active on social media, she has 1.7 million Instagram followers, her posts are a
mixture of photo shoots, personal pictures and of her artwork. Which is really good. Zerrin
is a very talented lady and gifted with her painting skills. Always a popular actress
who gives 100 per cent to all her performances. I have yet to be disappointed with any of
her roles, or any of the series she has acted in. Sahin Tepesi I am really looking forward to.

Movies And TV Series

TV series


  • 2014 – Pek Yakında 
  • 2016 – İkimizin Yerine
  • 2017 – İstanbul Kırmızısı 
  • 2018 – Müslüm

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