A statement came from Gamze Erçel about Aylin Mavi’s health condition

Arto, the commentator of the program “If I Don’t Tell”, said that Hande Erçel‘s niece, Gamze Erçel’s daughter, Mavi, had cancer. “Year-old Mavi Yıldırım is diagnosed with cancer. They went to the hospital in March because of the swelling in her abdomen and unfortunately, she is starting to receive cancer treatment.”


After the news came to the agenda, Gamze Erçel made a statement on her social media account regarding the health status of her daughter Mavi. Erçel made remarkable statements in her sharing. Here is that post,

Gamze Erçel Post for Mavi

Translation: Those who are curious about us; we are good and trying to be good… Two weeks ago with our daughter Mavi, we started a related treatment process. We got over our shock and did our best to accept it and make the best of it. Mavi is fine too. It’s like making a statement like this normally.
We had no intention.
I wasn’t very active, except for sharing the content that was made and we had an agreement. It was to complete the process by keeping it as confidential as possible and even telling our family elders that we are having a minor health problem.
But despite the fact that few people know.
In a way, this subject has become the material of someone’s tabloids. Until now, almost all of them removed the news at our request. Showing sensitivity by never sharing the news.
Thank you also to the other magazine pages. Because, as I said at the beginning, we will get through this in the quietest and calm way and try again.
We would be back. Unfortunately, the end of the rope has run out… Thank you for your support and understanding.


Gamze Erçel shared the photo taken with her daughter in the kitchen with her followers

After all these events, Gamze Erçel shared the photo taken with her daughter in the kitchen with her followers. Erçel, who has about 5 million followers on Instagram, shared the moments when they made pancakes with Mavi. She dropped the “Good morning, pancake morning” note.

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