Adi Sevgi Episode 8 English Subtitles Update

Adi Sevgi Episode 8 Turkish Drama Series which will be released on 1st May 2022 at 20:00 on ATV Channel. It stars Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş as lead roles.

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What will happen in Adi Sevgi Episode 8 English Subtitles?

Volkan swore to set Sarpça on fire to get Zeynep back. Although Ekrem and Macide try to prevent the monster they created, Esma and Gülendam, who are the target of Volkan, experience nightmare-filled moments. The account Emir will ask will be painful for Volkan and his family.

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Mehmet’s disappearance starts a race against time. While Emir and Elif want to find Mehmet and bring him home, Volkan’s move brings with it a fatal mistake.

While the sad events tie Doğukan and Esma together, Zahit clearly warns his grandson to stay away from Doğukan. The big secret about Doğukan underlying this warning will change everyone’s life.

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Zahit’s accident and Elif’s disappearance: It pisses off Emir. While Emir blames Ekrem for the attacks, Volkan and Macide become more and more ruthless towards Zeynep in Elif’s absence. Although Zeynep and Elif are far from each other, they share helpless captivity.

Meanwhile, Esma, who thinks she has been deceived, is determined to disgrace Doğukan, but Doğukan’s confession of love in front of the whole school confuses her. While Fidan tries to bring them together, he and Esma come into conflict.

While Emir’s reaching Elif over all obstacles causes a rapprochement that reveals their feelings, Zeynep’s fight for her life with her ill-treatment starts a bigger war that will endanger everyone’s life.

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