Aldatmak Episode 15 English Subtitles Release Date

Aldatmak Episode 15 is Turkish drama series that will be broadcasted on ATV on 29th December 2022. It is directed by Murat Saraçoğlu and written by Ayfer Tunç.

Aldatmak Episode 14 Recap

When Güzide Tarık turns her back even on her children, she meets her true face once again. He realizes that he must leave all his resentments behind and take his children under his wing. The choice that Ozan will make between his life and his own conscience will drag him into a much bigger dilemma.

Tarik begins to be suspicious of everyone around him after his wealth is revealed. As secrets are revealed, he accumulates evidence against every move, regardless of friend and foe. He will act when the time comes.

Oylum is in great concern for the future. He can’t handle being a high school graduate who doesn’t even have a dream anymore. Behram, who entered his life by chance, is much closer than he thinks. This new man, who suddenly appeared before them, has already started to give signals that it will be a test for Oylum and Tolga’s love.

Ozan, who accepts his dark side in prison, quickly gets used to his new environment. At the same time, he is still unaware that it is Oltan who is the closest to causing everything. No matter how hard Ozan tries to forget, this time he will face the guilt he suffered more severely.

In the fourteenth episode of Deception, Güzide can no longer carry the burdens she has been under. Tarık manages to infuriate Güzide completely with his last and striking blow. But will he be able to stand against Güzide’s anger?

Aldatmak Episode 15 Release Date

Aldatmak (Deception) Turkish Drama Series Episode 15 starring Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, Yusuf Çim, Feyza Sevil Güngör premieres on ATV in Turkey on Decemeber 29, 2022, at 20:00.

Aldatmak Episode 15 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Aldatmak Episode 15 Summary?

His brave move against Tarık and Yeşim front causes Güzide to become a target once again. Güzide finds a way to reunite her family after losing her profession.

For Oylum, who does not know how to feel about Behram’s interest in her, a fire starts on the Tolga front. Faced with the blackmailing of Oltan to Ozan and Güzide, the relationship of the duo will pass another difficult test. Building a wall between him and his father for the woman he loves, will Tolga be able to stand by his decision when he needs her?

Although Tarık tries to defeat Güzide, he once again confronts the truth of how tough Elmas is. While trying to protect his wealth, all the doors he knocked on are closed in his face. Yeşim, on the other hand, delivers Öykü into the hands of an irresponsible caregiver as a result of a sudden travel plan. Ümit, who will cross paths with Öykü again, will put both herself and the little girl in danger because of her weaknesses.

Ozan, who has been going through difficult times, does not open his heart to Selin, who he knows has had feelings for him for a long time. Will she be able to learn to love what is best for her now?

While Güzide and her children are getting closer to each other, they are all busy with the dilemmas they live in their private lives. While her children are questioning the voice of their hearts, Güzide is troubled by the things Sezai has not told her, the harbor where she takes refuge.

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