Arkadaşlar İyidir − Friends Are Good To Have (TV Series 2016 – 2020)

Arkadaşlar İyidir (English title: Friends Are Good To Have), Show TV ‘also published, actually, Melisa Long, Idris Nebi overflow, water Happy, Akin Akınöz is, imagine Köseoğlu and Cankat Aydos, ul near Crescent Farmers, Ece Dizdar, Neslihan Kuresellesme, and Emre Karayel ‘ s starring and written by Annex Ancestors ‘ The drama, youth, and family television series directed by Deniz Kaloş

Arkadaşlar İyidir Synopsis

Arkadaşlar İyidir” (“Friends Are Good To Have”), produced by O3 Medya and directed by Deniz Koloş together with Zeynep Günay Tan at creative director’s chair, is on the boil to bring a breath of fresh air to the television with many first-time appearances it features. Written by Ekin Atalar, “Arkadaşlar İyidir” (“Friends Are Good to Have”) is a brand new TV serial about five university students, whose paths cross each other. The program will be featuring many first-time TV appearances, including Aslı Melisa Uzun, Su Kutlu, Akın Akınözü, İdris Nebi Taşkan and Hayal Köseoğlu, who will be supported by experience actors.

The first episode of “Arkadaşlar İyidir” (“Friends Are Good To Have”), which will be featuring the story of transition from being teenagers to being grown-ups through conflicts, romance, friendship and moments of enthusiasm of 5 young university students as well as their relations with their parents with a strikingly dramatic narration, will start being shot in Istanbul on July 15. “Arkadaşlar İyidir” (“Friends Are Good To Have”), which will be remarked not only for its interesting story full of surprises but also for its social media campaigns, musical design and visual prosperity, will be on air, soon


Devrim Özder AkinSalih
Akin AkinözüYunus Caglayan
Cankat AydosArda
Pinar Caglar GenctürkSema Kahraman
Ece DizdarLeyla

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