Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 29 English Subtitles Explained

Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 29 starring Burcu Ozberk and Ilhan Sen releases on 21st January on Fox TV at 20:00.

What will happen in Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 29 English Subtitles?

Although Ozan and Esra pretend to be happily married to the outside, they stay in separate rooms at home. Horses still call Ozan “Partner”, not “Father”, and this upsets the man and causes him to blame Esra. The duo plays the role of being unaffected even though they are affected by each other. But when a third party approaches the other, their jealousy kicks in and intervenes.

Things are not going well at the company. In order to remove Çağla and Çınar from their lives, Ozan used all his savings to buy their shares. When some of the companies they do business with cannot make their payments, they are also unable to pay only the salaries of their employees and pay their debts to the outside. Ozan gives an invitation to overcome this financial bottleneck. He talks to some people to become investors but does not get a positive answer. In the next part of the section, a lien comes to the company.

Zümrüt calls Yalçın’s mother to get revenge on Violets. Mother-in-law interferes in everything and does not like anything. When Zümrüt gets gassed and invites Yalçın’s ex-fiancee Asuman, Menekşe stays with #EsZan for one night. Emerald stays with him, of course. Meanwhile, Esra nicely dismisses the questions of the two mothers who see Ozan’s belongings in the guest room. Yalçın wins Menekşe’s heart by making her mother return to her home the next day.

Elif left the company when she saw Gaye and Eko sincerely in the elevator. Later, when the truth was discovered, the girl forgave her husband. However, Gaye, who can’t digest Eko not wanting her, makes a small plan and makes Eko work overtime at night. When she spills the tea brought by Eko Gaye on her, they try to take off their clothes, but Elif sees them and misunderstands them, and throws her husband out.

The new obsessive villain of the Love Logic Revenge series broadcast on Fox TV screens, Rüya starts to work in the company. From the very first day, she struggles to win Ozan’s favor. Although both Esra and Ozan cannot understand the girl’s intentions due to their good intentions, Rüya’s room is full of pictures of the man and all she wants is to have Ozan. He collects the thanks of both #esZan and the assistant he replaced when he took the job and took care of the organization in order to go to the company’s invitation.

The dream is waiting for him from his close friend Barış at the exit of the invitation; He allows Ozan to disturb him next to him. Ozan, who thinks that Barış is the one who disturbs Rüya; intervenes and protects the woman. He leaves it at his house because he sprained his foot. In order to go further, at the end of the episode, Rüya knocks on Ozan’s door and falls in love with Ozan’s arms, which opens the door. Both Esra and Ozan are confused.

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