Aziz Episode 10 English Subtitles Explained

Aziz Turkish Series Episode 10 starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sonmez releases on 21st January at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

What will happen in Aziz Episode 10 English subtitles?

Nigar still left home. They go to Aziz’s house and tidy it up. He learns that Aziz is going to marry Efnan. He buys daily, nightgown and engagement clothes for Efnan. Eve also finds Edip’s belongings at the junkyard and buys them. He restores the house and invites distinguished people for the engagement. While Efnan is trying to get used to his new clothes and his hair, he is saddened by being lonely at the engagement.

Aziz hears from Adem that his father is in good health. Then he goes to the doctor and asks for his father’s health documents. The doctor says that there was a fire in his examination and that the files were burned. Aziz enters the practice at night and steals the documents. However, the doctor changed the documents beforehand. Saint; He reads that his father is sick. The doctor panics and goes to Piere and Galip.

Dilruba in the series broadcast on Show TV screens; consults with her husband before taking on the job of teaching women to read and write in the workshop. Although he is worried about the French, Adem allows. Lessons begin in the workshop. As promised, Aziz makes the children memorize the National Anthem.

Adam; He tells his father that he has deceived Aziz and tells his plan. He says that he will take Aziz’s bills and make him indebted to him, and then take his workshop from him. However, Adam tricks his father and makes him pay for the bills, and gives it to Aziz. The two become like brothers again

He learns that Aziz Dilruba sent news to Efnan’s father beforehand and warns the woman. Dilruba tells Efnan what Aziz loves. Aziz also teaches Efnan to dance. He says he will teach the things he loves.

The dismissed Turks gather in front of the French building and make a scene. Aziz intervenes in the situation makes free speech and disperses the people. Piere forbids the Turks to gather more than 20 people in retaliation. He announces that those who gather will be punished.

On the day Dilruba Edip’s brain was found dead, Galip tells Aziz that he left the house and that he passed out on the engagement night. Just then, someone brings a compass from the doctor. He wants to meet Aziz. Aziz takes his father’s gun and leaves the house. He doesn’t even hear Efnan’s begging to stay.

Piere’s commander takes money from Mr. Galip, who shoots the doctor where he waits and asks him to do it. When Aziz goes to the meeting place, the seriously injured doctor gives the name Galip Bey. Saint; At the end of the episode, he stands in front of his uncle and draws a gun, accusing him of killing his father and taking his property.

When Efnan’s father comes to town, he hears that his daughter is going to marry Aziz. Just when he was about to enter the workshop and talk, the French soldier takes him away by order of Piere. On the engagement day, when Aziz leaves the house, he goes inside and makes a badass speech and upsets Efnan. Of course, Piere asked him to do this.

At the end of the episode, after seeing Efnan Aziz in the room with Dilruba, Aziz leaves the engagement party and his father embarrasses him, he leaves the house. Piere follows him and confronts him. Efnan says to her, “I want to be like them. Make me a lady, Monsieur.”

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