Askin Kanunu − Law Of Love (TV Series 2014-2015)

Askin Kanunu (English Title: Law Of Love) is a Turkish romance comedy-drama featuring Ceyda Düvenci as Ipek & Mustafa Üstündag as Cetin.

Askin Kanunu Synopsis

Ipek and Çetin, who have been in love with each other since their youth, will be separated after fifteen years. After this decision, the couple said, “Despite all the difficulties, is love still possible? What is the formula of a happy marriage?” such as the answers to the questions.


Ceyda DüvenciIpek
Mustafa ÜstündagCetin
Kerem AtabeyogluMuhsin
Beste BereketAtiye
Aysegül CengizSosyal Hizmetler Uzmani

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