Bir Deniz Hikayesi − A Sea Story (TV Series 2015)

Bir Deniz Hikayesi (English Title: A Sea Story) directed by Aydın Bulut ‘s troops assumed the screenplay Aylin Suer ‘ in which he wrote, starring Emir Berke was Zinck, Begum Birgören, Emre Kızılırmak, Ozan Cobanoglu, and Virgo Bright’s shares, Kanal D, as published in the Turkish television series.

Bir Deniz Hikayesi Synopsis

Deniz is a small boy who lives in a town with her father and is loved by all. But he feels bad that he grew up without a mother. Deniz’s father, Hakan, had a love affair with Zeynep, but life somehow parted them. Therefore, Deniz was left without a mother. One day Zeynep comes to this town with her husband Semih and becomes happy when she meets Deniz. After this encounter, nothing’s going to be the same.


Begüm BirgörenZeynep
Emre KizilirmakHakan
Emir Berke ZincidiDeniz
Ozan ÇobanogluAhmet
Basak ParlakReyhan

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Turkish Language
Kanal D

English Subtitles
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