Burak Deniz is back to Didem Soydan! This is how they got caught

Burak Deniz, who is one of the actors who attracted the most projects of the last period, came to the fore with his private life one after the other. Deniz was first seen at night with the diving champion Şahika Encümen, and then with her colleague Deniz Işın on weekdays.

The handsome actor stated that they were just friends with Deniz Işın, who took the same taxi and then went to a cafe together, and said that his heart was empty.

“As you can see, we made peace”

Saying “My heart is empty”, Burak Deniz surprised everyone the next day and reconciled with the model Didem Soydan, with whom he parted ways last October. The famous actress was spotted with Didem Soydan for the first time on Friday evening by the Magazine Line camera. Deniz, who caught our camera in front of her lover’s house in Nişantaşı, attracted attention.

Burak Deniz, “Are you reconciled?” He replied, “As you can see”. The famous actress told that she went on a short vacation with Didem Soydan, who took her dog Foam with her.

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