Cop Adam Episode 16 English Subtitles Release Date

Watch Cop Adam Episode 16 has been published on our website in HD quality. The new episode of the Cop Adam series, which will be watched with great excitement on Star TV screens, will be with on April 5, Wednesday as of 20.00.

Will the Cop Adam starring Turkey’s favorite actors such as Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu be released this week?

Cop Adam Episode 15 Recap

The events after İpek’s arrival create tension between Peri and Tamer. When they return to the mansion, another bad surprise awaits them. Peri, who feels that Tamer is against her, takes an impulsive step with a sudden explosion. Witnessing a painful moment for him, Berrin goes to the only person who can console him. 

Dilber makes a plan to reconcile Yavuz and Meryem. Bülent is preparing a completely different plan to get rid of Dilber. The next morning, while Selim is shocked by what he sees at the hotel, Peri encounters an unexpected person at the breakfast table. While the tension in the house escalates, the people in the mansion are unaware that the real danger is at the door.

Cop Adam Episode 16 Release Date

Cop Adam (Stickman) Turkish Drama Series Episode 16 starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu premieres on Star TV in Turkey on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 20:00.

Watch Cop Adam Episode 16

The last trailer of the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited, from this page, which we frequently update, and you can find the best tips on our website.

Episode 16 Episode Summary

The crisis, which started with the arrival of Peri’s mother, ends in the hospital with the attack of Süleyman. Peri goes to the hospital with Tamer and the others, not caring that her mother is in the mansion. Meanwhile, İpek tells Aysel and Bülent the secret about Peri at home. After Selim catches Ahu in Cenk’s room, Berrin makes up an unexpected lie to clear her sister. 

Tamer and Peri go to Seko’s house to stay away from the tension in the mansion. The surprise guests they meet here and the information they learn cause tension between the two. Increasingly worried about Peri’s mental health, Tamer talks to the only person he can find answers to his questions and makes his decision. Meanwhile, Peri tells Aysel such a thing that things get messy in the mansion.

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Cop Adam Series Plot

The story starts with Tamer, the software developer who unexpectedly made a huge fortune, kidnaps the banker Peri and locked him in the cellar, and will end with great love. We will see that Tamer’s obsession, which creates a world for her where she is close to Peri, turns into an emotional bond over time. The cast of the series, which has already attracted attention with its subject, also includes successful names such as Sedef Avcı, Füsun Demirel, Salih Kalyon, Hülya Şen, Elçin Afacan, Cankat Aydos, Ali Yoğurtçuoğlu, Büşra Çam, and Gülizar Nisa Ugay. The name that will revive Elçin Sangu’s childhood in the series was the little star Eylül Ugan, who attracted attention with her Sihirli Mom series. The Cop Adam series, which hit the set this week, takes its name from the ‘Cop Adam’ tattoo on the arm of the main character Tamer.

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