Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 29 English Subtitles Update

Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 29 starring Gokce Bahadir releases on 26th April at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 29 English Subtitles?

Sanem, again, makes her mark on the dinner that Erman and Çolpan organize to announce their union. While Çolpan is about to look at her marriage certificate, Sanem intervenes to prevent this by making a shocking exit. What Sanem has done has prevented Çolpan from learning about their marriage, but it puts Bora and their relationship in a big stalemate. Sanem asks Azra for help to fix the situation. But this time, Sanem, who goes too far, will not be easy to fix this situation. Gulistan, who is a victim of obsolete bigoted customs, asks for Colpan’s help in order not to lose her beloved son.

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Colpan agrees to help Gulistan in a difficult situation. But the facts he will learn about Gulistan will complicate the case. While Efe hopes to take his intimacy with Azra to the next step, Azra’s claim that they are just friends increases the tension between the two. Efe makes a plan to make Azra realize that her feelings are beyond friendship. Tekin asks Erman to ask him for Çolpan duly, and he succeeds in convincing Erman and Çolpan, although with a little difficulty. However, this request ceremony will not pass without incident, and it will end with a sensation worthy of the honor of the Cevher and Arsen families.

Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Last Episode Summary

A great adventure awaits Sanem, Bora, and Güneş, who have to follow their steps backward to solve the mystery of the lost time, which they can not remember anything, and to find Yalın. Efe, who is very sorry for hurting Azra, confronts Aziz, who is responsible for her daughter’s death. This confrontation is actually Efe’s confrontation with himself. Searching for answers to the questions in his mind, Efe is looking for the answer to Azra herself…

Azra gains important information in the case of Nagehan and Ekrem. As the case progresses, the secrets behind the triangle of Aziz, Nagehan, and Ekrem begin to emerge. A big surprise awaits Nagehan, who has to choose between his past and his future. Aziz, who slowly begins to remember everything, is ready to be cleansed of the sins of his past. Çolpan and Erman organize a big family dinner to announce their marriage decision.

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