Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 32 English Subtitles Update

Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 32 starring Gokce Bahadir releases on 24th May at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey Episode 32 English Subtitles?

When he learns that Erman is not his son, Bora’s whole world falls apart. Although Erman, Çolpan, and Sanem search for Bora everywhere, they cannot reach her. A big surprise awaits Sanem, who thinks that Bora has left him. By following the traces of her dark past, Bora reaches shocking information about her biological father.

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Colpan experiences great guilt for what he has caused and begins to question his role in his daughters’ life. The marriage contract crisis between the successful expatriate football player Deniz Kassel and the famous model Tanem will put Azra and Efe’s relationship to the test in a surprising way. Determined to save Bora from the darkness she has fallen into, Sanem decides to take the gamble of her life.

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Gulistan’s suicide also supported the suspicions that she was not mentally stable. Even if all the evidence and reports are against them, Azra, Efe, and Çolpan have no intention of letting this case go. They are the only hope of Gulistan, who is fighting for life and death.

Azra and Efe, who are chasing a tiny possibility that can lift the veil of mystery behind suicide, find themselves in the middle of an unexpected situation. Şeyda, who sees Gülistan as a threat to herself and her family, risks everything not to give up her child.

Unexpected developments take place in the Can Derin case, where all the media’s attention is on them. New evidence leaked to the press leaves Sanem and Bora in a difficult situation to overcome. Sanem and Bora, who are cornered by a second scandal, are caught between the promise they made to Erman and the rescue of their client from the situation they are in.

Bora and Erman make a plan to bring together Sanem and Çolpan, who are not backing down on reconciliation. However, a big surprise awaits Bora and Erman. The meeting of Çolpan and Sanem, which they arranged with great hope, will result in a shocking surprise.

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