Güzel Çirkin − Beautiful Ugly (TV Series 2013)

Güzel Çirkin (English Title: Beautiful Ugly) is a detective series broadcast on Kanal D. Starring Commissioner Nazli on the role of Naz Elmas and Commissioner Murat in the role of Ali Sunal share. The first episode was published on July 1, 2013. After the broadcast time changed in the new season, its ratings decreased. He made the final in the 13th episode. In the final part of the series, there was an explosion in the building where Nazlı, Murat, and Şenol were located. It could not be understood whether Nazlı, Murat, and Şenol survived the explosion. The final episode of Güzel Ugly was left open.

Güzel Çirkin Synopsis

Murat is a messy, self-confident, and charismatic police commissioner who looks tough but makes fun of everything. His partner, Nazli, is a modest police commissioner from a meticulous, noble family. It’s a nightmare for the two of them that they have to work together even though they’re both so opposite to each other in black and white. According to Murat, this is impossible. This arrogant, young schoolboy will only be a hindrance to him. The situation is not much different for Nazlı. It is not possible to work with this rude, discriminatory man who does not even know how to talk to the other person. Every time Murat looks at Nazli, he is smiling inside.

He thinks that he will not be able to last more than a few days in this most chic part of Istanbul. All he has to do is be patient. Anyhow, Nazli will soon cry and want to move on to a desk job. There is only one point that these two policemen, who are as opposite as black and white, can come to terms with. Solving every murder, catching the killers, and closing the case. For this, they have to learn to work together somehow.


Naz ElmasNazli
Ali SunalMurat
Cahit GökSenol
Gizem DenizciAydan
Nazan DiperZeliha

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Turkish Language
Kanal D

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