Hakim − The Judge (TV Series 2022)

Hakim (English title: The Judge) is a drama, crime, and action Turkish television series signed by Limon Film, the first episode of which will be broadcast on April 4, 2022, starring Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ebru Özkan, Uğur Yücel, and Yurdaer Okur.

Original Title:Hakim
English Title:The Judge
Genre:Drama, Crime, Action
Broadcast Network:ATV
Director:Süleyman Mert Özdemir, Erkan Tunç
Producer:Hayri Aslan
Writer:Yilmaz Sahin
Total Episodes:1

Hakim Synopsis

An idealistic and honest Judge, after his son’s involvement in crime, fights relentlessly to protect him.

After the sudden death of his wife, Judge Ömer Arif Derman is trying to establish a new world for himself with his son Ozan. This world turns upside down when Ozan accidentally kills someone…

In order to protect his son Ozan, Ömer Arif has to give up all the principles he believed in until now. Because the young man Ozan killed is the son of a Mafia leader.

The fact that his son’s life is in danger will turn Ömer Arif Derman into a completely different man; In the war, he will enter to save his son, he will throw not only himself but also his loved ones into the fire…

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Hakim All Episode Summary

Cast of Hakim

Erdal Beşikçioğlu - Ömer Arif Derman

Erdal Beşikçioğlu – Ömer Arif Derman

He is an idealist, intelligent, and kind-hearted… He is an honorable man who can keep calm even in difficult situations. He pursues justice in every aspect of his life. He never had a great fortune, took care of his family with his salary, and helped the needy around him. He is loved and respected by everyone. After losing his wife, his son Ozan became his whole world. And he did not let anyone into the world of two people… While father and son live their ordinary lives, Ozan’s accident turns their lives upside down. While trying to protect his son, Ömer Arif will have to both forget what he knows and learn the rules of a completely different world.

Ebru Özkan - Yasemin Kaner

Ebru Özkan – Yasemin Kaner

Yasemin is a charming, intelligent, strong, extraordinary woman. She is the former trainee of Ömer Arif. She has learned everything about her profession from Ömer and she has a deep admiration for him. The only person he listens to his warnings is Ömer. Yasemin’s feelings for Ömer deepen after Aylin’s death. After Ozan’s accident, she starts seeing Ömer more often. Because Omer asks him to defend someone. While trying to help Ömer, he will stay at the crossroads and have to make a choice.

Uğur Yücel - Cevdet Dağıstanlı

Uğur Yücel – Cevdet Dağıstanlı

Cevdet is a man who has gone through difficult ways, he is a litigator. He has seen a lot, often contaminated. But her relationship with Ömer has always remained clean. He is a smart man with strong instincts. Leaving his life behind, he entered politics and became an independent candidate for mayor. When his dear friend Ömer Arif asks for help, he will find himself in the fire and will hurt at least as much as Ömer Arif.

Yurdaer Okur - Azem Demirkıran

Yurdaer Okur – Azem Demirkıran

Azem is the eldest son of an Albanian family. He learned life on the streets. He has a unique sense of justice. He is a cold-blooded man who is not easily angered. But when he is blinded, it is impossible to stop him. The person Azem values ​​most and fears losing after what has happened is his daughter Deniz. He trembles on his daughter. This care sometimes causes him to break up with Deniz. With the release of his eldest son, Metehan, from prison, the father-son relationship strengthens with a deeper bond over Mert’s loss. After his children die, his relationship with his wife Zümrüt gradually falls apart. Childhood pain and revenge will make Azem more dangerous than ever…

Hasibe Eren - Gülbahar Yalçın

Hasibe Eren – Gülbahar Yalçın

She is a strong woman with her own intelligence. She carries out illegal activities with the gang she hosts in the slum of Istanbul. She took over the gang after she lost her husband in a conflict. Her nickname is “Yenge”. She is not a merciless woman, but the environment she is in has made her distrust people. There is a side that is constantly measuring and weighing. The shouter is not a woman giving orders. Despite being the leader of the male world, she has never lost anything from her femininity. Sometimes one word is all it takes to understand what you want. Their busy business will go downhill after Cevdet pits them against Azem.

Fatih Berk Şahin - Ozan Derman

Fatih Berk Şahin – Ozan Derman

Son of Ömer Arif Derman… Ozan is a smart, talented, and discreet young man. Especially after losing his mother, he became introverted and devoted himself to photography. Just like her mother… Apart from her father, she has a lover, Ceren, in her life. He tries to continue living. His accident on the anniversary of his mother’s death will be a turning point. He will try to suppress the conscience that he cannot silence, and he will fall in hopeless love with the older sister of the young man he killed. Seeing that his father, who is his biggest support, has turned into a completely different man, Ozan will be tested by this burden and will begin to transform…

Eslem Akar - Deniz Demirkıran

Eslem Akar – Deniz Demirkıran

Azem Demikıran’s only daughter… Ozan’s hopeless love… A well-educated person with a different perspective on life… He admires her even though she contradicts her mother. She loves her brother Mert the most in her family. Mert’s death becomes Deniz’s turning point. She loses the most beautiful and sincere side of her life with Mert. Until he met Ozan. Deniz, who is drawn to this mysterious child day by day, will find herself in a terrible truth.

Seda Akman - Zümrüt Demirkıran

Seda Akman – Zümrüt Demirkıran

Azem’s wife… A charming, cold-blooded, and cunning woman… She has a deep bond with her husband. This bond comes to a breaking point with the death of the sons. When Zümrüt, who is desperate for revenge, starts to move without knowing about Azem, the ropes are broken. Zümrüt, who found a foothold with his eldest son getting out of prison, will use his son Metehan in his next moves and will face Azem.

Burcu Kara - Ayşe Korkmaz

Burcu Kara – Ayşe Korkmaz

Ömer Arif’s wife is Aylin’s colleague at the public security branch and a close friend. After Aylin’s death, Ömer tried to support Arif and Ozan as much as he could. He loves Ozan as his own son and expresses it at every opportunity. Ayşe has a baby. At the same time, she tries to bury a mysterious past… On the other hand, Ömer has a secret admiration for Arif. Ömer is disappointed as Arif gets closer to Yasemin. However, she is not a woman who will take a stand against Ömer Arif just for this reason. Ozan and Ömer, who are entrusted to him by his friend Aylin, will help Arif under any circumstances.

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