Hakim Episode 7 English Subtitles Update

Hakim Episode 7 Turkish Drama Series which will be released on 23rd May 2022 at 20:00 on ATV Channel. It stars Erdal BeşikçioğluEbru Özkan, Uğur Yücel, and Yurdaer Okur as lead roles.

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What will happen in Hakim Episode 7 English Subtitles?

When Ayşe sees Ömer Arif and Azem together, all the stones move. Ömer Arif has come to the moment when he has to make the decision of his life. While the poet is immersed in a dangerous game of love, his mind is thoroughly confused.

On the one hand, there is Ceren, whom he has known for years, and on the other, there is a brand new excitement but also a very uncanny Deniz. Kadir, who has just entered the game, brings many secret agreements with him.

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There are big secrets that will shake the ground as soon as Ömer Arif finds out. And enough to cause Cevdet to lose everything… even his friend Ömer Arif…

Those who question Azem’s power are in big trouble. Azem makes his enemies pay a heavy price to remind him of his existence. Gulbahar, Azem and Emerald… A great bond from the past emerges in this episode.

Hakim Last Episode Summary

Things get complicated when Metehan is taken by the police. Demirkıran Family will do everything to save their son. But Metehan’s scum continues to be exposed one by one. While Yasemin is slowly getting over the shock of being kidnapped, she goes after those who did it. Things get complicated in Gülbahar’s neighborhood.

An outside hand reaches out to Gülbahar’s people, and the aunt begins to question her own judgment. For Ömer Arif, the problems really started now. Azem is just a breath away. Ömer comes to Arif with a dark offer. This offer is of such a nature that it will strike a great blow to Ömer Arif’s professional life.

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