There is news about the movie “Eflâtun” starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Kerem Bürsin!

The producer of the film Cüneyt Karakuş gave the good news about the movie ‘Eflâtun‘, which was shot before the pandemic and starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Kerem Bürsin. Famous producer; From his Twitter account; “I think the trailer will come in a few days,” he shared. The trailer of the movie, whose teaser was published before, is eagerly awaited by Kerem Bürsin’s fans. In the movie Eflâtun, while giving life to the character of Bürsin Oflaz; Helvağlu also plays the character of Eflâtun.

The general plot of the film Plato:

At the age of five, Plato loses his sight. In this process, he clings to life by using the sound and shadow plays taught by his father and the echolocation method. Establishing a life at the junction of reality and fantasy, Platon works in the watch repair shop inherited from his father. She falls in love with the voice of a man who entrusted her with an umbrella on a rainy day. And one day, when he hears a man’s voice, time stops for him…

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