Hayat Bugün (Life Today) Synopsis and Cast

What is the synopsis of Hayat Bugün (Life Today)? Who are in the cast? What are the characters and which role they will play? Which channel and when will be the series released? Know everything below.

Original Title:Hayat Bugün
English Title:Life Today
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Çiğdem Bozali
Writer:Ayça Üzüm and Cansu Çoban
Production:O3 Medya
Release Date:19th October 2022

Hayat Bugün Synopsis

Famous chief physician Barış Güvenir is appointed to Hisarönü Hospital, one of the oldest health institutions in Istanbul. Hisarönü, once one of the best hospitals in the country, is no longer what it used to be. With the arrival of Chief Physician Barış Güvenir, things change in the whole hospital.

While Barış is trying to overcome the difficulties in his own life, he will also try to bring the hospital back to its former power. Barış, who won the hearts of his colleagues at the same hospital, will open the doors of the hospital to everyone living in Istanbul. Barış will bring the hospital back to its good old days with hope, love, and stubbornness.

The series will talk about the struggles in one of the well-established hospitals. There is a well-established hospital, but this hospital looks at its patients as a financial resource rather than in line with health and moral principles. Therefore, every patient who comes is seen as a source of income and is treated as a customer.

Even when it is not needed, it is placed on the operating table. However, there is an idealist and ambitious doctor who opposes this order. He is appointed as the chief physician of this hospital. It will take many difficulties to save the hospital from this morality.

Hayat Bugün Trailer

Hayat Bugün Cast

Ulaş Tuna Astepe (Barış Güvener)

Ulas Tuna Astepe

Barış Güvener is an idealist doctor. Barış Güvener, who was appointed as the chief physician of the Hisarönü hospital, has only one goal in life: to save more lives. The first thing Doctor Barış encounters is an impossibility as he is assigned to a well-established but run-down hospital. Doctor Barış is a stubborn doctor and decides to rebuild his hospital by convincing the bureaucracy. No, he doesn’t take no for an answer. Barış will both rebuild the hospital and win the hearts of his colleagues.

Tansel Öngel (Aras)

Tansel Öngel

Aras is an experienced medical doctor who has received his specialty. Although Aras’s heart is empty, there are many nurses and doctors in love with Aras. However, Aras will fall in love with his close friend Doctor Derin.

Şerif Erol (Ali Haydar Oruçov)

Şerif Erol

Ali Haydar Oruçov, an Azerbaijani doctor, is a successful neurologist.

Hazar Ergüçlü (Suzan)

Hazar Erguclu Gallery 3 1 - Turkish World

Suzan is the head of the oncology department. In Hayat Bugun, Suzan is a successful and smart doctor.

Hande Doğandemir (Derin Nalbantoğlu)

Hande Doğandemir

She is an emergency medicine specialist. She puts her job ahead of everything, so Derin is a workaholic doctor. She is very good friends with Derin Aras, who studied medicine at the same university as Aras. Between Aras and Derin, friendship will turn into love in the future.

Utku Ateş (Mert Biçer)

Utku Ates Gallery 2 1 - Turkish World

Mert Biçer is a successful emergency nurse in Hayat Bugun.

Hayat Bugün FAQ

  • Hayat Bugün is Adapted From Which Series?

    Hayat Bugün is an adaptation of the medical drama series ‘New Amsterdam’, which is watched by millions.

  • Hayat Bugün Release Date

    The series, which will be broadcast on Show TV, is expected to be in front of the TV on October 2022.

  • Who are the main cast in the series Hayat Bugün?

    The main stars of this series are Ulaş Tuna Astepe, Tansel Öngel, Hazar Ergüçlü and Hande Doğandemir.

  • What is the English title for the series Hayat Bugün?

    The English title for this Turkish drama is “Life Today”.

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