Iyilik Episode 24 English Subtitles Release Date

Iyilik Episode 24 Turkish Drama Series which will be released on 23rd December 2022 at 20:00 on Fox TV. It will star Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, and Sera Kutlubey in lead roles.

Iyilik Episode 23 Recap

Poyraz is very worried about Damla and her baby. When Damla comes to her in the hospital, she blames Neslihan, Neslihan is in a difficult situation. When Damla is discharged and comes home, she tries to take out her hatred for Neslihan from her children. When Neslihan finds out that Damla is mistreating her children, she confronts him. The consequences of the confrontation between the two will be severe.

Neslihan’s custody case is held. Will Neslihan be able to get her children back?

Koray’s tomb is found. The police find evidence of a surprise person in the grave and take that person into custody for killing Koray.

What will happen in Iyilik Episode 24 English Subtitles?

Murat realizes that Poyraz blamed the murder, especially on Atilla. He corners Poyraz. He wants Poyraz’s shares in return for not revealing the truth to the police. If Poyraz accepts, Arkun holding is completely owned by Murat. Murat, on the other hand, is in trouble to win Neslihan back. He makes a sincere confession to Neslihan. He could not forget her and took custody of the children so that Neslihan could return to him. He proposes to leave everything behind and reunite with his children. Will Murat be able to achieve his dreams by regaining both his shares and Neslihan?

Gülseren returned from abroad because she was worried about her son Koray. Koray’s tomb is found. Feeling great sadness, Gülseren thinks it is her son’s last wish and gives all her property to Neslihan. Neslihan and Şahika go back to their old wealthy days.

Atilla is in prison. He was found guilty of killing Koray. Neslihan risks her own life to prove Atilla’s innocence. Will Neslihan be able to make it?

Poyraz finally realizes that he made a mistake. He decides to turn Damla over to the police, and the car crashes on their way. Will it be understood that the real killer is Damla?

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