İyilik (Goodness) Synopsis and Cast

İyilik (English Title: Goodness) is a drama Turkish television series signed by Medyapım, the first episode of which will be broadcast on April 29, 2022, directed by Murat Öztürk and starring Hatice Şendil, İsmail Demirci, and Sera Kutlubey.

Original Title:İyilik
English Title:Goodness
Broadcast Network:Fox TV
Director:Murat Öztürk
Producer:Fatih Aksoy
Writer:Melis Civelek
Release Date:April 29, 2022

İyilik Synopsis

In the series “İyilik”; Neslihan (Hatice Şendil) has a magnificent and enviable life from the outside. While Neslihan believes in this illusion and thinks she is living a perfect life, she learns that the person she trusts most in life, her husband (Ismail Demirci), has been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, with Damla (Sera Kutlubey), whom she replaces her sister. All the stones he steps on are displaced and Neslihan has to question and re-interpret right and wrong, good and bad so that she can stand up again and fight for herself, her family, and her children…

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İyilik Cast

Hatice Şendil - Neslihan

Hatice Şendil – Neslihan

Neslihan is the child of a broken family. Her mother was an obsessive, ambitious businesswoman. They grew up with caregivers. Father has left the house. Neslihan, her sister, and half-brother Çınar, they seem to be left alone. Neslihan felt the weight of the disintegrated family on her shoulders with all its burdens. Her sister was also shaken when she committed suicide at a very young age. Neslihan is a strong, beautiful woman. Because she was born into a wealthy family, she has innate privileges and advantages. She strengthened those advantages with her intelligence, her culture, and her loving and humble nature. Skilled at solving problems quickly. She can make a decision in an instant. She takes time for herself. She does sports regularly.

Visual arts are particularly interesting. She follows the painting and sculpture exhibitions and travels.

She can’t help but help someone in distress. In fact, she does all these good deeds to ease her conscience. While Neslihan thinks everything is under her control with her wings spread over her entire family at home, right in the center of her home, she will face herself when she starts to question her whole life, all her actions, and who they really are.

İsmail Demirci - Murat

İsmail Demirci – Murat

A perfect liar. He’s a smart man. Very attractive, charismatic. From the day he was born, he always believed that he deserved better. Narcissistic inside. But he is seemingly humble. A good husband, a good father, a successful businessman, and a good boss. Women’s eyes are always on him, he is always the desired man. He both loves and respects Neslihan. He’s seriously married. It gave him the opportunity to both advance and become a respected member of the class he skipped. Thanks to this marriage bond, Doruk walked out financially and spiritually. The class complex is inside like a malignant tumor. He is economically dependent on his wife’s family business. He can’t feel completely comfortable, and peaceful, as he is anywhere, and he will have to fight big battles in the only place he feels.

Sera Kutlubey - Damla

Sera Kutlubey – Damla

No one, alone in this life. She lost her family when she was in high school. She has an uncle, but he’s in trouble. After her uncle collapsed with everything left from the family, she managed to go to university with scholarships and study in the painting department. Damla wants to be known. Like everyone else in the shadows, she wants to be revealed like every secret. She wants to hurt. This is how her adventure begins. It hurts as it wishes, but… Mostly by hurting and bleeding…

Perihan Savaş - Şahika

Perihan Savaş – Şahika

A woman who loves her job. Very ambitious, successful. Never a bad person, decent, moral. But she is strict, very disciplined, and determined in business. She chose solitude after her husband’s betrayal and departure. She does not approve of her daughter’s path and the closed life she has chosen. She wishes for her to return to the business world as soon as possible. She likes her groom as a businessman, but never as a groom.

Logic always comes before her emotions. Even though she did not share it with anyone, she still has not digested her husband’s betrayal, she is still in love with her husband and therefore she is still angry and angry with him. She also blames herself for the death of her daughter, who committed suicide. But she doesn’t even admit it to herself. The past will appear in front of her unexpectedly, no matter how hard she runs… It will appear before the interrogation rooms where Şahika escaped.

Mehmet Aykaç - Sinan

Mehmet Aykaç – Sinan

Neslihan’s only brother, life, liver. He is very fond of his sister. After Serap’s suicide, they fell for each other again, and they hugged. Both of them did not spare their support and interest in every matter and did not withhold from the other. They have an enviable brotherhood. A handsome, confident young man. He is not at all arrogant compared to his family’s influence and wealth. He’s also unexpectedly humble. He had a successful education life. A graduate of international relations, Sinan is currently gaining experience in a fashion brand in Milan.

Perihan Savaş as Şahika

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