Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün − The Day My Destiny Is Written (TV Series 2014 – 2015)

Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün (English title: The Day My Destiny Is Written) starring Özcan Deniz, Hatice Şendil, Begüm Kütük and Gürbey Forward’s that, production of 03 Productions Turkey carried out by and Turkey’s Star TV is a television series on the channel. It started to be published on October 14, 2014. ended in the 50th episode, which was published on December 29, 2015.

Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün Synopsis

The members of the Yorukhan family gather all together in Antakya, the city in the southern part of Turkey. They celebrate the first day of pomegranate harvest and wish to have peace, fruitfulness, and wealth. However, their day is ruined when the bride of the family, Defne (Begum Kutuk Yasaroglu) is criticized for not having a baby. Kahraman (Ozcan Deniz) protects his wife and makes it clear that they do not care about the baby. However, this event changes the life of the Yorukhan family forever.

Defne wants to have a baby and becomes willing to do anything to reach that goal. She consults her mother-in-law Kismet (Gul Onat) and they decide to hire a surrogate who will bear a baby on behalf of Kahraman and Defne, and who will leave after giving birth. They convince Kahraman and start to search for a perfect surrogate. Their destiny intersects with a beautiful and young girl, Elif (Hatice Sendhil).

Elif is a young and naïve girl who lives in Antakya. She is forced by her father to get married to a man in return for money. While protecting Elif, her mother kills her husband accidentally. After this tragic event, they run away to Istanbul but Elif’s mother is put in prison. Now, Elif becomes all alone in this big city with her little sister. She has no choice but to accept the offer of bearing a baby of Defne and Kahraman who will give them a house and money. She thinks that after 9 months, everything will end: she will give birth, leave that baby behind, and start a new life with her little sister and her mother. However, an unexpected thing happens. Defne cannot have a baby no matter what but Elif can, so Kismet makes a big decision because she wants to have a grandchild no matter what. Kismet makes an agreement with a doctor who will use Kahraman’s sperm and Elif’s egg and will keep this a secret. Everybody thinks that Elif bears the baby of Kahraman and Defne but in reality, she bears her own baby

In this story, you will explore whether it is possible to bear a baby on behalf of other family and give that baby after giving birth. Will Kahraman and Elif learn that they are the biological parents of the baby? How will Defne react when she learns that she is not the biological mother of the baby? Will Kahraman continue to love her wife Defne or start to fall in love with Elif?


Hasret Canan TutusAysel
Özcan DenizKahraman Yörükhan
Hatice SendilElif
Begüm KütükDefne Yörükhan
Metin ÇekmezZiya Yörükhan

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