Kardeslerim Episode 43 English Subtitles Explained

Kardeslerim Episode 43 starring Onur Seyit Yaran and Halit Ozgur Sari releases on 12th March on ATV at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Kardeslerim Episode 43 English Subtitles?

“I had a broken one, why did you waste yourself?”

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Omer desperately chases after Great, who takes the bag full of money. A nasty surprise awaits Great, who is making her day. While the ropes are tense among female students at Ataman College, important developments are experienced on the front of Asiye and Doruk. Akif’s sneaky move against Resul activates Resul. Trying to comfort Asiye, Doruk is horrified by a sight she never wants to see.

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On the night of the party, what Asiye hears about her mother’s death creates a great shock. Akif denies what is heard and lies. “We should have known you were the last to see my mom!”

Doruk, on the other hand, takes account of his father’s cheating on his mother in the past. Trying to surprise Berk, Aybike encounters a bigger surprise. Berk tries to understand what happened. “What are you doing here?”

Tolga, who is happy with the events, gets a big trump card. After hearing great, she rejects her mother. “I’m not your daughter!”. “How long have you been making a fool of my mom!” The nerves are stretched between Akif and Doruk!

Omer, who was beaten for not doing a parking lot, is fired from his job. Cornered, Suzan is caught in the middle. Şengül learns what happened and tries to make a connection with what she remembers.

Doruk tells Nebahat about his relationship with Suzan and Akif. “When were you going to tell my mom that?” Although Nebahat knows what happened in the past, she is shocked by what she has learned recently.

Ayla, who wants to keep Resul in her hands, is happy to hear. Ömer asks his biological mother, Suzan, to account for what he heard. “Did you last see my mother?”

Resul learns about the Suzan-Akif relationship from Ayla. The waters melt between Doruk and Asiye. Their love continues from where they left off. Suzan tells everything to Resul. His relationship in the past breaks him up with Rasul.

Tolga continues to deal with children at school. Ayla becomes the new manager of the school. Orhan learns about Şengül’s lie. Tolga and his friends prepare a trap for Oğulcan. Aybike surprises Berk because of his bad birthday party.

Unemployed, Ömer collects wood from the streets. Orhan makes little tricks to expose Şengül’s lie. Akif continues to confess his love to Suzan and convince her. Doruk supports his mother. Ömer and Oğulcan get into the business of selling water, but things still don’t go the way they want.

Kaan leaves Asiye a secret gift. Asiye thinks that Doruk brought the gift Kaan bought. Doruk does not tell Asiye the truth but realizes that Kaan took the skirt. Seeing that his brothers are in a difficult situation, Ömer does his best, but it is not enough. Doruk goes to settle accounts with Kaan. “Tell me what’s wrong with you? Are you in love with Asiye?”

Akif is angry that the two brothers are fighting because of Asiye. Asiye gets sick from lying in the cold, little Emel tries to heal her sister. Kaan tells Ömer that Asiye passed out at school from hunger. “Can anything good happen in my life?”.

Şengül is forced to confess to Orhan that she remembers everything. Learning that Asiye is sick, Doruk takes her in his arms and takes her to the hospital. Oğulcan finds a new job, but his enemies turn it into an opportunity. Oğulcan is devastated when he hears what Fikir said.

Learning that Asiye’s health is deteriorating, Doruk extends a helping hand to Ömer, but Ömer does not accept. Desperate, Ömer takes the leftover bones from the butcher. “I failed bro… I tried but it doesn’t work bro!”

Ömer has to make a new decision to support his family. He accepts the bad guys’ job offer. He makes big money in his first job. Buying coal and food for his brothers with the first money he received, will Ömer be able to overcome the difficulties?

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