Kerem Bursin: ‘I did not support and will not support those who write hateful comments about women, including Hande Erçel’

Famous actor Kerem Bürsin wrote on his Twitter account that one of his followers; “What do you think of some of your supporters who hate women every day??? I would appreciate it if you could write something about it!”

He tweeted, “I think that anyone who writes hateful comments about women, including Hande Erçel, whether they support it or not, is an act that I do not support and will never support. When I catch this kind of crap, I write them a message to please stop. We don’t need hatred in this world,” he once again won the hearts of his fans.

Kerem Bürsin’s response quickly became a hot topic on Twitter, and many laudatory comments rained down on the tweet.

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