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İçimizdeki Ateş Episode 3 is a Turkish television series signed by Fabrika Yapım. The series is directed by Murat Onbul and is written by Nimet Erdem, Birol Elginöz and Özlem Elginöz. It will be broadcasted on ATV. Atakan Hoşgören, İpek Filiz Yazıcı, Burak Sevinç and Ceren Benderlioğlu are in the lead roles.

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What will happen in Icimizdeki Ates Episode 3 English Subtitles?

It is revealed who sent the video of the fight with Ege’s terrific plan to Doğan Yener. Ege tries to hide the video that will burn his internships from Doğan Yener.

While Mert and Bahar are tracking down Doğan Yener to help him with his case, they get into a lot of trouble. Hale sees Tahsin with a woman and tells her mother what she saw without wasting any time. Nuran follows Tahsin and catches a clue that will reveal his dark side. On the other hand, Mert and Bahar follow Doğan Yener in secret to help her case, but they get into bad trouble.

Will the real killer who caused the death of Doğan and Tülin’s daughter İpek to emerge? Will Hale be able to leave her mother? Will Nuran be able to give up Tahsin in order not to lose her daughter? Will Bahar tell Mert that their house is a mortgage? How will this affect the relationship between the two?

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Icimizdeki Ates Last Episode Summary

On the first day of his internship, Mert got into such trouble because of Ceyhun that he endangered his friends as well as himself. Will Ceyhun sacrifice himself for his brother Mert? Will Banu reveal who she is hiding from her sister Bahar?

Will Ege be able to preserve his privileges at the hotel? Who is the traitor behind the scene that infuriated Doğan Yener? Will Hale Yener & Tan leave the law firm?

The team is tasked with a case during their first day in the office. This case, which is a unique opportunity for them to show themselves, will bring surprise developments for young lawyer candidates.

Icimizdeki Ates Episode 3 Release Date

Icimizdeki Ates (Fire Within Us) Turkish Drama Series Episode 3 starring Atakan Hoşgören, İpek Filiz Yazıcı, Burak Sevinç and Ceren Benderlioğlu premieres on ATV in Turkey on July 6, 2022, at 20:00.

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