Uysallar – Wild Abandon (Web Series 2022)

Uysallar (English Title: Wild Abandon) is a 2022 Turkish streaming television series starring Öner Erkan, Haluk Bilginer, and Songül Öden. The show was released on Netflix on 30 March 2022.

Original Title:Uysallar
English Title:Wild Abandon
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Broadcast Network:NETFLIX
Director:Onur Saylak
Producer:Cem Ozkan, Kerem Çatay
Writer:Hakan Gunday
Cinematography:Feza Çaldiran
Release Date:30 March 2022 – present

Uysallar Synopsis

Ozan Uysal (Oner Erkan) is a successful architect who seems to have a normal life. He is married to Nil (Songul Oden) and has two children Ege (Umut Yesildag) and Ece (Nilay Yeral). Due to a midlife crisis, Ozan cannot stand for his life anymore. One day, he leaves a letter to his family and decides to run away from his boring life. He even goes to the airport but cannot manage to get on the plane due to bad weather conditions. Ozan returns to his home as if he has never attempted to run away and continues his normal life.

Meanwhile, Ozan goes to his hometown in order to look after his father Olcay (Ugur Yucel). Due to the fact that his mother passed away recently, he does not want his father to become all alone. Even though Ozan and his father never get along well, Ozan accepts to live together with his father for a while. While staying in his hometown, Ozan has a chance to remember his past. He spends some time in his childhood room and finds old music recordings. He immediately remembers his dreams of having a punk life.

Immediately after returning to Istanbul, Oktay begins a punk life hidden from his family. He works during the day just like before. However, at night, he says that he has to work overtime but he wanders around in Beyoglu district in his punk clothes. While Ozan is enjoying his double life as a punk, his family builds their own world hidden from Oktay. Each family member starts to have his/her own lies.

His wife Nil undergoes plastic surgery in order to become younger and in order to find a job. She meets new people and develops some feelings towards Suat (Serkan Altunorak). His father Olcay finds his lover Sofia (Biljana Jovanovska) and tries to persuade her to marry. His son Ege (Umut Yesildag) tries to find peace in his life after he becomes unsuccessful at a national university exam.

His daughter Ece (Nilay Yeral) refuses modern life necessities such as cell phones and tries to communicate with new people in the neighborhood.

Wild Abandon (Uysallar) tv series story is about a successful architect who begins a punk life hidden from his family. Is it possible to be yourself with your family or do you need a second life hidden from your family? Will Ozan manage to find happiness in his hidden life as a punk? Will Ozan return to his normal life or will he continue to live as a punk? Will Nil find out about her husband’s hidden life? Will Nil manage to find a job? Will Nil manage to become happy in her marriage? Will Olcay understand his son?

Uysallar Trailer

Uysallar Cast

Songül Öden

Songül Öden as Nil Uysal

Songül Öden Bıçakçi (born 17 February 1979) is a Turkish actress of Zaza descent. Her most successful roles were in series Gümüş, Umutsuz Ev Kadınları, Serçe Sarayı and Kayıtdışı.

Songül Öden was born in Diyarbakır. She had her elementary school, high school, and university life in Ankara. During her high school days, she attended the Theatre of Ankara Sanat, and then at Hacettepe University, she had part-time vocal training.

Serkan Altunorak

Serkan Altunorak as Suat

Serkan Altunorak (born 24 December 1976, Ankara) is a Turkish actor and voice actor. He is a graduate of the Hacettepe University Theater Department. Then he graduated from Mimar Sinan University Conservatory Fine Arts Department.

In 1999 Ayrılsak da Beraberiz from Unisex Bakr, in 2006, Impossible Love ‘t Cem, again in 2006 Gomeda at Tolga, in 2007, the Black Veils ‘ t Merdan, who plays player, and in 2008 class in the series Hope character and DOT ‘ in Fur He played the character of Eliot in the Mercury game.

Öner Erkan as Oktay Uysal

Haluk Bilginer as Berhudar

Ugur Yücel as Olcay Uysal

Nezaket Erden as Yagmur

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