Kızlarım İçin − For My Girls (TV Series 2017-2018

Kızlarım İçin (English Title: For My Girls), Process Movies signed, the first part was published on November 28, 2017, directed by Thompson Mesude Erarslan ‘s one made by Kanal D television series. The series bid farewell to the screens with its final episode on February 28, 2018.

Kızlarım İçin Synopsis

What should a loving father of four children do who finds himself on the street? It would seem like an ideal family: dad, mom, wonderful daughters. Girls are not indifferent to both parents, but, nevertheless, the spouses cannot find a common language.

The main character of the Turkish TV series For the Daughters named Yashar is represented by a very kind and gentle personality. He is patient, will never throw a scandal, and will not think about offending a loved one. And his wife is the complete opposite of her husband. This is an impulsive woman with a very cocky character. She likes to shout and sort things out even when it is completely inappropriate.

The mother is tired of being “unheard” and she just kicks her husband out of the house. Even though she now has to raise four daughters herself. Events in the Turkish TV series For the Daughters (Kizlarim Icin) develop in an unexpected way. Yashar is unable to even open the door to the house where his children are. The girls miss their father a lot. They understand that their mother is selfish and by all means, persuades her to return to her father. One terrible day, the girls’ mother is killed.


Tuvana TürkayKumru
Fikret KuskanYasar
Ahsen ErogluSuna
Anil TetikEgemen
Elifcan OngurlarSumru

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