Kusursuz Kiracı (Perfect Tenant) Synopsis and Cast

Kusursuz Kiracı (English title: The Perfect Tenant) is a Turkish Drama series, signed by MF Production that will start broadcasting on FOX TV. It is directed by Yusuf Pirhasan and written by Nermin Yıldırım. It stars Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Bennu Yıldırımlar, and Serkay Tütüncü as lead role.

Original Title:Kusursuz Kiracı
English Title:The Perfect Tenant
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Broadcast Network:FOX TV
Director:Yusuf Pirhasan
Producer:Asena Bülbüloğlu
Writer:Nermin Yıldırım
Release Date:30th August 2022

Kusursuz Kiracı Synopsis

In the Kusursuz Kiracı, the main character Mona (Dilan Çiçek Deniz) is a young woman who grew up in an orphanage. She works for the internet newspaper and has been reporting on house arson cases in different parts of Istanbul recently.

Another day when she goes to the news of the fire, they come across the photo reporter Yakup (Serkay Tütüncü), who came to do the same news. Although they secretly like each other, they bicker because they have completely opposite characters. Returning from the news, Mona sees that the owner of the house, with whom she is already in a fight, has put her belongings in front of the door and is now homeless.

Leyla (Melisa Döngel), her friend from the orphanage and now a police officer is on a secret mission, she is forced to accept as a temporary solution the offer of Jacob, whom she has just met, to become a tenant in his house, which was later divided into two by a strange architecture.

However, on the first day that Mona moves into the apartment, she realizes that strange things are going on in the Yuva Apartment. The neighbors, who act mysteriously, do not seem happy at all that she has moved into the apartment. It’s clear that something extraordinary is going on inside, but before Mona has time to understand what’s going on, she runs into an unexpected, serious problem.

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Cast of Kusursuz Kiracı

Dilan Çiçek Deniz - Mona Ünkap

Dilan Çiçek Deniz – Mona Ünkap

She’s a reporter early in her career. She has been investigating the ongoing fires in Istanbul for a while. Since she has a very clear sense of guilt, she cannot forgive herself easily when she misbehaves in any matter. Having to grow up in an orphanage, Mona started her life with a 1-0 defeat. She worked, toiled, trained herself, received a good education, and managed to save herself by coming out of the impossible. Her disadvantaged past has been both a weakness and a strength. Although She may seem like a strong young woman who knows what she is doing and even breaks out of her job, she carries a wounded, timid child inside. Open to love. But she doesn’t quite know what to do when she is loved. In order not to succumb to fragility, she grew up finding defense mechanisms against life.“No matter what happens in life, one will be self-sufficient, no one will be approached too much, no one will be trusted too much, nothing will be expected from anyone, one will not lean on anyone…”

Serkay Tütüncü - Yakup Ortaç

Serkay Tütüncü – Yakup Ortaç

Yakup is someone who knows how to make fun of life and likes to live with light steps and joy. Although he does not have as deep ethical values ​​in journalism as Mona, he loves his job and has fun. Yakup’s compass in life is not what others think, but his own conscience. Underneath all his lightness and comfort lies, above all, a man of great conscientiousness, compassion, and honesty. In other words, he has everything that Mona needs and lacks. He is handsome and he knows it. His sweet self-confidence permeates his actions. But never arrogant.

On the contrary, this self-confidence adds comfort to his comfort, so he doesn’t need to be bullied or show off. In all areas of life, he chooses and loves what is unique to him, with a character of his own, not what is suitable for classical and accepted tastes. The only child in the family. Although he is on good terms with his mother, he has a father-son conflict with his father. He did not want to enter the businessman profile desired by his father, who was the owner of a medium-sized company, and studied fine arts, then aspired to relatively low-paying jobs that his father would despise. As a child, he spent his summers with his grandfather, Şuayip. He loves his great-uncle Muzaffer, who he calls his grandfather’s heirloom, and lives downstairs.

Melisa Döngel - Leyla

Melisa Döngel – Leyla

Compassionate, relaxed, affectionate, protective, the sweetest friend in the world. She was the same age Mona had met at the orphanage, who she remembered as a sister. Leyla is someone who entered the orphanage from infancy when she was abandoned at the hospital. Despite this, she has an extremely positive character. She is brave, seeking her right, and not avoiding a fight if necessary for this cause. Mona’s mentor during her adulthood, just as she was in her childhood. She is doing her best to protect her. Despite being her age, she acts like an older sister. She shows what Mona couldn’t see. It is the common sense of her friend who is often panicking and helps her see things from different perspectives.

Özlem Tokaslan - Hamiyet

Özlem Tokaslan – Hamiyet

Hamiyet is a gossiper who sits at the window all day watching everyone who enters the apartment and passes by. She married her husband Sami at an early age. But when there was no one who was as energetic and likes to travel, as in her dreams, she chose to deal with the lives of others as a preoccupation in the house where she was closed all day. The locals call it Hamiyet Postası because of her curiosity for gossip and her ability to bring everything to everyone. But she carries the invisible part of the iceberg in her heart just like everyone else in the apartment. We witness another story, other kinds of dreams, and disappointments coming out of the classic gossip apartment neighbor.

Ruhi̇ Sari - Sami

Ruhi̇ Sari – Sami

Working as a civil servant in the Land Registry, Sami was a real slacker. Even if they don’t have a house, they can’t get along at all. For fear of not being able to make it to the end of the month, Sami even turns the heaters on and off, even saying that they are in bed at night, and turns them off completely. There is always a cold issue at home. That’s why Hamiyet always says “I couldn’t get warm” when talking about her husband, in every sense. Sami doesn’t have a very close relationship with anyone at home. He doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter anyway, he doesn’t have a lot of relationships except for mutual talk. When his father died, his mother took Hafize with her, and she is the only one who receives affection from her in the house. We can say that Sami has been sleeping standing up since he was young. All he expects from life is to lie on the sofa with his feet up when he comes home from work. At least that’s what it seems to us for now!

Beyti̇ Engi̇n - Cüneyt Göktürk

Beyti̇ Engi̇n – Cüneyt Göktürk

Cüneyt Göktürk, a retired military officer, is the apartment manager, and he is asked about the layout of the apartment. He has a loud voice and always shouts. He is a man who is fond of order and discipline, who gets up early every morning and continues to do his sports and shave his fly slip, almost as if he had never retired. Cüneyt, who has been very bored since his retirement, is always looking for someone to manage around him, irregularities to put him in order. He is rooting for those around him, especially his own family. It’s obvious that he likes his neighbor Suzi, who lives upstairs. That stern disposition softens when talking to him.

Ümmü Putgül - Sabahat Göktürk

Ümmü Putgül – Sabahat Göktürk

The wife of the apartment manager Cüneyt Göktürk.

Sabahat, a retired nurse, spends her retirement days working and toiling under the snarl of her husband, Cüneyt, who has turned the house into military service. The house will always be in order, there will be an order to be drawn with a ruler among the furniture, and the bedtimes will never be changed… Sabahat’s job is difficult.

At first glance, she seems like a woman devoted to housework and living quietly in the shadow of her husband. But who in life could be understood at first glance…

Umut Kurt - Nihat Dinç

Umut Kurt – Nihat Dinç

He was raised by his mother after his father died early. Since his mother is a tough type, he was brought up under a lot of pressure and was success-oriented. A simple example of modern man. Living with a focus on success and results has somewhat limited his life. It quickly turns towards those who are in demand and those who receive applause. Circumstances rapidly shape both their ideas and their feelings. He’s the type who doesn’t really question what he really wants or whether he really enjoys what he’s doing. He cares more about how he looks than how he feels. He does sports regularly, loves his muscles, and also shows them in tight clothes… He constantly wants to be approved. He loves his wife, but he does not hesitate to woo the women he sees around, even if he has no intention of cheating. After all, the more likes he gets, the better for him.

Deniz Cengiz - Suzi

Deniz Cengiz – Suzi

Suzi is white-collar like her husband. A beautiful, well-groomed woman. She strives to be perfect in everything. But this striving for perfection turns into her biggest flaw as well. Everything should always be under control and perfect. Her hair does not get tangled, her make-up does not flow. Everything always continues to be and appear as it should. Even when she shouldn’t be thinking about anything, we can be sure that she’s thinking about how she looks or whether she’s perfect enough, making a shopping list in her head, or thinking about business at the company. She loves her husband and gets jealous if she senses that he is interested in other women. But there is not such a big crisis among them. His younger brother Mert came to the Suzi’s to study at the university and is staying with them. Suzi is very fond of her sister, who is not like her in any way.

Hasan Şahi̇ntürk- Muzaffer Ortaç

Hasan Şahi̇ntürk- Muzaffer Ortaç

Jacob’s great-uncle- grandfather’s brother.

Muzaffer Ortaç is a long-term resident of Yuva Apartment.

Yakup’s grandfather Shuayip’s only brother. The worse he is with his late brother, with whom he does not get along well during his health, the better he is with his heirloom nephew, Yakup. He loves Jacob like his son, as he has never been married and has no children of his own. When Yakup was a child, when he came to Istanbul in the summers, he spent a lot of time with his uncle Muzaffer as well as his grandfather. The beautiful relationship between them still continues.

Muzaffer Ortaç is a simple man who does not mix meat and milk. But he has a rich inner world. His biggest hobby is making puppets by shutting himself in the room he uses as a workshop in his house.

Bennu Yıldırımlar - Madame Vula

Bennu Yıldırımlar – Madame Vula

Madame Vula is a bright, graceful, mild-mannered, polite woman who lives in apartment number 4. She is a real old Istanbul lady. She talks about a handsome black and white photo framed by her husband, Niko, who died at a young age. All that is known about Madam Vula is that she once lived in Istanbul, but then left with her family when she was a child and went to Athens, and after years she returned to the city, albeit alone, and settled in this apartment that she bought from Şuayip. A true Istanbul lover. She dresses with an old-timey elegance. Her hands are always elegant, her nails are well-groomed, her fingers are ringed… She lives in a house that smells of elegance and nostalgia, with porcelain sets and old-fashioned liquor glasses. She doesn’t always talk like that, but when she does, she has deep words.

Kusursuz Kiracı Turkish Drama – FAQs

1. What is the series Kusursuz Kiracı is all about? 

In the series, which will focus on the relationships between people in an apartment, the two leading actors will draw attention with their roles as reporters in the internet newspaper. The story of the characters Mona and Jacob is expected to affect young people as well.

2. When did the series Kusursuz Kiracı release? 

It will originally release in Turkey on 30th August 2022 and will be aired on Fox TV.

3. Who are the main cast in the series Kusursuz Kiracı? 

The main stars of this series are Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Bennu Yıldırımlar, and Serkay Tütüncü.

4. What is the English title for the series Kusursuz Kiracı?

The English title for this Turkish drama is “Perfect Tenant”.

Where to watch

Turkish Language
FOX TV | Youtube

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi | TurkishFam | Osnsub | Kinemania

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