Menajerimi Ara − Call My Manager (TV Series 2020-2021)

Menajerimi Ara (English Title: ”Call My Manager”) is a Turkish drama and comedy television series signed by Ay Yapım, directed by Deniz Çelebi Dikilitaş, a script written by Uğraş Güneş and Volkan Yazıcı, first episode aired on 25 August 2020. Blending drama and comedy, the series centers around the lives of four managers with their assistants at a prestigious talent agency. With each episode, actors from the cinema and television industry participate in the series as guests and play themselves. Adapted from the French TV series Dix pour cent. The series ended with its 45th episode, which was broadcast on 11 July 2021.

Original Title:Menajerimi Ara
English Title:Call My Manager
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Broadcast Network:Star TV
Director:Ali Bilgin, Deniz Çelebi
Producer:Ali Demir, Kerem Çatay
Writer:Ekin Atalar, Yesim Citak, Yelda Eroglu
Cinematography:Selim Demiratar
Total Episodes:45

Menajerimi Ara Synopsis

Four managers of talent agency Ego, namely Kıraç (Barış Falay), Feris (Canan Ergüder), Çınar (Fatih Artman) and Peride (Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu), deal with difficult situations every day and defend their business visions. They skillfully combine art and business, but their private and professional lives sometimes come into conflict. Managers and their assistants take us behind the scenes of the wild world of famous players; where laughter, emotions, intrigue, disappointment, and tears constantly collide. Dicle (Ahsen Eroğlu), who entered this wild world for the first time, says that I am also in the war, starting from the bottom in his struggle against personalities whose egos are higher than their height.


Canan Ergüder

Canan Erguder as Feris Dikmen

Canan Ergüder (born 15 July 1977) is a Turkish actress. Her father, Üstün Ergüder, is a professor in political sciences. Her family is of Bosnian descent.

Ahsen Eroğlu

Ahsen Eroglu as Dicle Ertem

Ahsen Eroğlu (born 27 October 1994) is a Turkish actress. Eroğlu was born on 27 October 1994 in Çorlu. Her family is of Turkish descent who immigrated from Bulgaria.

Deniz Can Aktaş

Deniz Can Aktas as Baris Havas

Deniz Can Aktaş (born 28 July 1993) is a Turkish actor. His family is originally from İnebolu. He’s a graduate of Piri Reis University with a degree in Ship Machinery and Management Engineering.

Baris Falay as Kiraç Ozdal

Fatih Artman as Çinar Bilgin

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Star Tv

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
ALAcom | TurkFans | Promix TV


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