Paramparça − Broken Pieces (TV Series 2014 – 2017)

Paramparça (English title: Broken Pieces) is a Turkish television drama series produced by Endemol Shine Turkey, starring Erkan Petekkaya. It premiered on Star TV on December 1, 2014.

Paramparça Synopsis

The story follows two women whose lives are intertwined following an accident. Gülseren who is pregnant is hit by a car and brought to the hospital to give birth. Meanwhile, Dilara gives birth at the same hospital. Due to a similarity in their surnames, the nurses switch the babies while taking them to intensive care nursery and wrongfully given to the wrong parents; Gülseren’s baby given to Dilara and Dilara’s baby given to Gülseren. Fifteen years later, Gülseren lives with her adoptive daughter Hazal and sister-in-law Kerman in a poor apartment and Dilara lives with her adoptive daughter Cansu and biological son Ozan in a luxurious villa in the seashore of Bosphorus. Gülseren works as a saleswoman in a small store. Dilara’s relationship with her husband Cihan, a rich businessman, breaks down and Cihan leaves her. He starts dating Gülseren, which aggravates Dilara.

Cihan’s childhood friend Harun, who has been in love with Dilara since they were students, comes to Istanbul to take revenge on Cihan for the death of his sister who committed suicide after she and Cihan broke up. Harun tries to win Dilara’s heart as he had never married because of his love for her. Cihan proposes to Gülseren and Dilara becomes pregnant carrying Harun’s baby. On the day of Cihan and Gülseren’s wedding, Gülseren is accidentally shot and killed by the ex-husband of Ozan’s girlfriend. After Gülseren’s death, Cihan’s life becomes complicated and he remarries Dilara but neither Dilara or Cihan are happy about this remarriage. Dilara falls in love with Harun while Cihan falls in love with Ayşe, a well-known psychiatrist and kickboxer; she is identified by Cihan as the cousin of Harun and leaves Dilara for her, in the meantime, Dilara cannot abort her baby and compassionately gives birth to the child. Ayşe is killed as she intrudes on Cihan father, who accidentally shot her to death while he was about to committing suicide.

The final season shows the different lives of the characters, Cihan is seen embarking, and exhausted with flashbacks of his earlier events, Dilara marries Harun and both live with their child, Alas, in Dilara’s home, siblings Hazal and Ozan become business partners, and Cansu prematurely marries Deniz and expects a baby, however, she loses her baby because of her Parkinson’s disease.

Soon Cihan returns to his family, and everyone welcomes him except Harun, who is still jealous and thinks that he had affair with Dilara. Harun becomes delighted when he discovers that Ozan is his biological son, but he is tragically killed in a mass shooting perpetrated by his client Damir’s men while shielding Ozan from a gunshot. This provides a great opportunity for Cihan and Dilara’s relationship to grow because they fall for each other. Damir, who is wanted by Cihan, secretly dates Hazal, without acknowledging his connection with the mafia and the murder of Harun. Damir and Hazal finally cut off their connection until she admits the truth. The series ends with the assassination of Damir carried out by Cihan and the wedding of Cihan and Dilara.


Erkan PetekkayaCihan
Ebru ÖzkanDilara
Nursel KöseKeriman
Alina BozHazal
Leyla TanlarCansu

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Star Tv

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.

Promix TvTurkish 123


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